Nice Horse’s New Self-Titled Album Is Here!

Brandi and Katie from Nice Horse

Nice Horse, Alberta’s wildly talented duo, are taking the reins in the Canadian country music scene with their new album, Nice Horse

Nice Horse is out now, and trust me, these songs are worth adding to your music collection.

Listening to this album is like having your best friend hand you a curated playlist of songs that help you acknowledge and embrace your emotions, while also encouraging you to shake off any bad vibes with an upbeat tune. 

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Nice Horse, The Album

This self-titled collection of songs delivers the new era of Nice Horse.

Anchored by the undeniable harmonies Nice Horse is known for, the album dives deeper into the sensitive side of the duo. 

Tracklist for Nice Horse

  1. Lights Out
  2. Running Out of Reasons 
  3. Things I Wish I Didn’t Know 
  4. Seeing Ghosts 
  5. Unfinished 
  6. Til I Do 
  7. Waves 

While the tracks on this album are honest, relatable and touching, most of them carry an upbeat vibe that makes them perfect anthems to belt out in the car when life’s got you down, you’re feeling heartbroken, or you just need a boost of positivity.

“We definitely grew as songwriters during the process of writing this album, and with that our sound has evolved too,” said band member Katie Rox. “Brandi and I love to show our fun side but with this project we wanted to share more of our vulnerable, sensitive side. Nice Horse is an expression of who we truly are, a beautiful mix of heartbreak and hope.” 

Highlights From Nice Horse 

“Lights Out” kicks the album off strong, making you tap your feet before you even fully grasp its message of heartbreak and tough love. After hearing this song for only a few seconds, I knew I was going to be taken in by the whole album! 

“Running out of Reasons” captures the struggle of contemplating reconnecting with an ex. Its slow tempo and powerful chorus resonate with anyone who’s wrestled with the idea. 

The album’s first single, “Things I Wish I Didn’t Know”, has been released for a couple months now and is climbing the charts. It has paved the way for the rest of the album as it tells the relatable story of the heart ache associated with hearing that an ex has moved on.

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“Seeing Ghosts” and “Til I Do” serve as upbeat anthems of empowerment. Both of these songs are relatable, bold and feisty hype songs that are especially fun to sing and listen to at full volume. 

“Unfinished” is a deeply moving song that captures the heartache of not wanting to acknowledge the inevitable end of a relationship because it’s too painful. It’s a sad yet beautiful song. 

“Waves” serves as an excellent end to the album. Its upbeat tempo keeps you swaying along even as it tugs at your heartstrings while reminding you of the heartache you’ve felt or are feeling. 

Stream Their Self Titled Album Nice Horse

What’s Up Next? 

The release of Nice Horse is setting the stage for what looks to be another big year for the duo!

They recently walked away from the CMAB Awards in Edmonton with a (big) win of Horizon Group or Duo of the Year.

But that’s not all, the duo will be heading out on the road this year to perform their new album across Canada, with a handful of dates already announced.

Boasting 10 Country Music Alberta Award wins, 2 Canadian Country Music Awards and 2 Western Canadian Music Awards, Brandi and Katie are paving the way for Nice Horse to have its biggest year yet!

They want to make one thing clear: Nice Horse never stops!

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