Mitchell Makoons Life-Altering Experience Leads to “Changing Man”

Mitchell Makoons country artist

Mitchell Makoons is a roots/rock musician from Brandon, Manitoba. 

The songs Mitchell writes incorporate traditional Ojibway music and culture with modern influences.

His newest single “Changing Man” is available everywhere now. Mitchell Makoons is a ‘changing man’.

Mitchell Makoons’ Life Altering Experiences

At the tender age of 12, Mitchell Makoons suffered a life-altering concussion that would shape much of his future. Continuing to play sports, he would suffer an additional 21 concussions – to which he would eventually be told that more head trauma could become fatal.

Lightening the burden of serious health concerns, Mitchell turned to alcohol, struggling with alcoholism at just 18 years old. He says, “After quitting this vice, I found others. I started purchasing guitars to feel better about myself and have some excitement. Although I have slowed down, I do have a guitar collection that is over 25 strong and still growing.”

A “Changing Man”

One day, in the middle of the pandemic, he decided it was time to change. “I didn’t want to die young anymore” he says. 

Wanting to heal from the concussions, Mitchenn began a new diet, taking new medication, and over the course of two years saw such improvements, he was able to be cleared to play sports again.

“The first time in 10 years. I’m in a new chapter of my life now. I’m no longer scared of my own fatality, every second of the day. I focus on fostering great relationships with people and writing music that the world can connect with.”

“Changing Man” emphasizes the journey of change … for the better. Of overcoming things that feel impossible sometimes, and taking back your life.

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More About Mitchell Makoons

Based out of Brandon, Manitoba, Mitchell Makoons first picked up the guitar at the age of seven to accompany his grandfather and brother playing Metis fiddle tunes. Mitchell continues to be an active member of the Manitoba Metis community

Embracing his heritage, Mitchell Makoons infuses his music with traditional Ojibway elements alongside modern influences, creating a unique blend of his own sound. His singles have garnered significant attention, earning spots on the Indigenous Music Countdown and receiving radio play on platforms like SiriusXM across North America.

He focuses on nurturing meaningful connections and crafting music that touches the soul. He has released 5 EPs under his former name Mitchell Mozdzen, and has toured Western Canada.

The decision to adopt the name “Makoons,” meaning “Little Bear or Bear Cub” in Anishinaabemowin, reflects both his cultural Ojibway roots and personal journey. Standing strong at just 5’5″, the name embodies his resilience and determination to overcome adversity.

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TikTok – @mitchellmakoons
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