Petric Puts a Country Spin on Iconic 80s Song “The Best”

Country trio Petric

Get ready to belt out a classic 80s hit with a country twist!

Canadian country trio Petric is back with a powerful cover that injects new life into a beloved song. We all know Bonnie Tyler’s iconic “The Best”, a song that continues to inspire and empower. Now, Petric takes the reigns, reimagining the power ballad with their signature brand of rock-infused country.

This isn’t just any cover, though.

Petric brings their musical talents to the table, transforming “The Best” into a modern country anthem.

A Modern Country Version Of “The Best”

This isn’t your typical cover …

Their version of “The Best” is filled with a new energy, showcasing their unique blend of rock and country influences.

Imagine the original melody that everyone knows so well mixed with the modern country sound, and you have Petric’s version of the song.

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The result is a powerful anthem that retains the heart of the original while feeling fresh and exciting. It’s a perfect example of how Petric can take a classic song and make it their own, breathing new life into it for a whole new generation of country music fans.

A Touching Music Video For Petric’s Single

The accompanying music video is released just in time for Mother’s Day.

It follows the story of a single mom raising her son, showcasing the challenges and triumphs of motherhood. The video features appearances by Petric’s own children, adding a personal touch to this beautiful tribute.

“We wanted real, relatable emotions,” says Jason Petric. “The story about a single mom raising her son felt like an opportunity to do that. This video definitely goes out to all the wonderful moms who raise us up!”

Watch The Music Video For “The Best”

Hear it for Yourself!

About Petric

Hailing from Manitoba, Petric has taken the Canadian country scene by storm.

With over 15 million streams and multiple Top 20 hits under their belt, they’ve performed on some of the biggest stages in the country.

“The Best” is featured on their self-titled EP, showcasing their exciting blend of rock and country influences.

So this Mother’s Day, celebrate the amazing moms in your life with Petric’s beautiful rendition of “The Best.” You might just find yourself hitting repeat!

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