Catie St. Germain’s Debut Single “The Day Gets Too Long” Takes Center Stage

Manitoba country artist Catie St. Germain

Catie St. Germain, the 2023 MCMA Emerging Artist of the Year and Red River Métis sensation, is ready to make waves with her debut single with Atomic Ranch Records/Warner Music Canada, “The Day Gets Too Long”.

The Debut Single: “The Day Gets Too Long”

Crafted by songwriters Phil Barton, Emma Lee, and Alyssa Micaela, “The Day Gets Too Long” sets the tone for Catie St. Germain’s upcoming debut EP. The up-tempo track delves into the post-breakup experience, resonating with listeners as it explores the challenge of staying busy to overcome heartbreak.

This release showcases Catie’s emotive vocal prowess and undeniable relatability.

In her own words, “This song represents who I want to be as an artist moving forward.”

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An Inspiring Journey

At 34, Catie brings not just her musical talent but also a story of resilience. Despite having played over 100 live shows, she took a backseat to focus on raising her three sons.

While some may say she’s getting a late start, Catie sees it differently.

Her journey is not just for herself but for her kids. Through her music, she aims to inspire and convey that age should never be a barrier to pursuing one’s dreams.

Family Legacy in Music

Hailing from a lineage deeply rooted in Canadian country music. Catie, the granddaughter of Ray St. Germain, a Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee, brings a unique blend of pop-country and a powerful voice to the industry.

After the success of her independent debut single “The Taxman,” which earned her six Manitoba Country Music Award nominations, Catie caught the attention of Jason Petric, leader of the MCMA Award-winning band “Petric.” Alongside artist developer Chris Burke Gaffney, they swiftly signed Catie to Atomic Ranch Records.

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Connect with Catie St. Germain:


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