Jeff Catto Releases Heartfelt Tune “Round Of Life”

Country and Christian artist Jeff Catto

Jeff Catto has made his way back to the country genre, after years of success as a Christian/Inspirational artist, with his newest single, Round of Life.

Released in April of this year, the driving force behind the story of “Round of Life” was all of the blessings this year had to offer. While it’s been an insanely difficult year for many people, musicians included, Catto wanted to emphasize the good and meaningful time that has also come from it.

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Catto reflects on the last year spent with his wife and six children. Life before the pandemic was nuts, with a busy schedule, working from home already, leaving his family on the weekends to perform, and connecting with people through the industry as much as possible. The virtual life we’ve all been living has offered Catto an opportunity to make the most of meeting and networking online, but also balancing his time, and spending more of it with his children.

Most importantly, the mess and craziness of this last year and a half … some day he’s going to look back and miss it. He’s going to look back and wish his house was a disaster with his kids running around again.

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“Round of Life” is a capsule of the moments and appreciation he’s had for the time with his family, the continued safety, and the ability to watch his children grow and change over the last year or so.

“Round of Life” is led by soft acoustics and Catto’s soft even vocals.

Stepping outside of the “write for the radio” concept, Jeff Catto’s “Round of Life” tells an affectionate, heart-warming story that will lift your spirits and encourage listeners to look around and enjoy what life has offered.

You can connect with Jeff Catto on Facebook and Instagram. And be sure to stream “Round of Life” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Round Of Life” By Jeff Catto

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