Claire Whitehead’s Latest Single “No Right Way, Louise”

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London, Ontario based folk-country artist, Claire Whitehead has released her newest single, “No Right Way, Louise“.

Whitehead turns the tale of Thelma and Louise and their friendship into an endearing tale of free and strong spirits.

“Thelma: A Country Opera is a ‘coming-of-agency’ story,” Whitehead explains. “It’s about the transformation of self and relationships when someone becomes disillusioned with the rules of our world.”

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Channeling her creativity and DIY skills, Whitehead delivers a folk-country song and quirky video to tell the story. Given the limitations of the pandemic, Whitehead was able to film the video using only cell phone cameras, and enjoyed the process of putting this together.

“The result has me feeling comfortable being silly on camera, while capturing the power of women working creatively together to make great things.”

“No Right Way, Louise” is the final track from Whitehead’s latest release, Thelma: A Country Opera. It polishes off the collection of work, which Whitehead focused on Thelma’s experience and how that translates to the coming of age in a world that prefers conformity. The album evokes thought and reflection, and encourages listeners to let go of reality, and experience the music and story.

Lovers of traditional, classic country music will surely love what Claire Whitehead delivers through her music. Be sure to follow Claire Whitehead on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok.

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“No Right Way, Louise” Lyrics

Spent my days in a silk housecoat with         
One, loyal, microwave
Waiting, for the hairpin drop of a
Man, taking his tantrum off on me

Met another one in a cowboy ring
Playing a game, long and mean
Something i could not have seen without your
Eyes, from a distant life, Louise

But now I know, that there’s no right way for a
Woman to live in a wrong, wrong world
And I don’t wanna live, without my woman,

And they’ll say, that we’ve done the worst
According to a man-made verse
Which will still allow a life of hurt
For anyone who ain’t meant to be ace-high

Now looks to everybody else around
That this old girl has lost her mind
But what I seen in the afterclaps, is
This old world’s looking funnier to me

And you always held assurety
You’ve lived it through, you’ve got the proof
To make things what they oughta be
won’t trust no law, or no police

Now, like the setting desert sun
Tipping into canyon nights
Something all around my is
Crossing over wrongs and rights

And they’ll chase us down
And they’ll spit from a truck
So hand me that gun, cuz i’m
I’m all out of luck

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