Calgary’s Dream Angel Cowboy Robert Adam’s Single “Let’s Do This Again”

Gay country artist Robert Adam

June marks the annual celebration of Pride month. A month where we celebrate the LGBTQ community. To kick the month off, we’re excited to introduce you to one of only a handful of gay country artists Robert Adam and his latest single “Let’s Do This Again”.

Robert Adam is a really exciting artist, and we’re so happy to be able to introduce you to him and his latest single. Robert is also the perfect artist to feature at the beginning of Pride month.

“Let’s Do This Again” is the first release for Robert Adam since 2017. His voice and musical style gives a huge nod to traditional country music. It’s a sound we don’t get to enjoy too often anymore in the genre, and it’s all wrapped up in a perfectly and sparkly package.

Stream Robert Adam's new single "Let's Do This Again"

This song captures the energy of finding a crush at first sight. “’Let’s Do This Again’ combines feelings of young spontaneous love at the town social, with the intimacy of human connection,” says Adam.

This song boasts sweet vocals from Robert Adam, and features fantastic songwriting. It’s a great introduction to him as an artist. The vibe of this single is reminiscent of the music from Kacey Musgrave’s Golden Hour album. It’s dreamy, it’s rich, and it’s fantastic.

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While “Let’s Do This Again” sits perfectly in a more traditional style of the country music genre, it also holds up on its own in the world of modern country.

About Robert Adam

Born and raised in a small town in Alberta, Robert Adam now lives in Calgary. By day, he’s a heavy duty mechanic. By night he’s Calgary’s dream angel cowboy, performing for audiences. He has made a name for himself as an inviting and angelic presence that breaks down barriers between generations.

Robert Adam country artist from Alberta

He’s also started to make a huge splash in the industry. As one of only a handful of gay country artists, Robert is redefining what it means to be a country artist. He’s always sporting the iconic white stetson, and accessorizes it with sparkle, flair, and fringe.

His looks are always as angelic as his voice. It’s as much of a treat to listen to him perform, as it is to watch him perform. If you aren’t following Robert Adam on Instagram, you have to.

Be sure to stream “Let’s Do This Again” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Let’s Do This Again” By Robert Adam

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