ANNIKA Releases Debut Solo Single “I Really Don’t Want To”

Country artist Annika

ANNIKA, of the former duo Leaving Thomas fame, has stepped out on her own as a solo artist. She has released “I Really Don’t Want To” as her debut single as a solo artist.

As a fan of Leaving Thomas, we’re excited to have ANNIKA’s voice back with new music. This latest single is a really great introduction to her as a solo artist, and a reminder of how fantastic she is as a vocalist. It’s a song about falling in love.

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“I Really Don’t Want To” tells a story of the intoxicating, impossible to understand feeling of falling in love. It’s a sentiment that so many people can relate to.

“‘I Really Don’t Want To’ has a message that hits home for me as someone that has a history of falling in love, completely unafraid and uninhibited every time even though I knew heartbreak was likely around the corner,” says ANNIKA. “After so many breakups, I got used to picking myself back up and carrying on without resentment or a jaded attitude towards love. The bluesy, soulful sound of the song is uplifting in nature, making it a great tune to jam out to on the piano and I loved that while recording, I could really let loose on the vocals.”

ANNIKA has one of the most unique and powerful voices in the industry. There’s a grit to her voice that adds depth and emotion to anything she sings.

As fans of Leaving Thomas, it feels great to hear ANNIKA’s voice back through the speakers. Leaving Thomas made the decision to separate as a creative duo a couple years ago. They left behind a legacy and a notable footprint on the Canadian country industry. The duo accumulated over 6 million career streams and was nominated for multiple CCMA Awards and placed top 3 in SiriusXM’s Top of The Country Competition.

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When they decided to part ways, we had a feeling we would hear from ANNIKA again. She is an incredible artist. she’s co-written over 100 songs to date with Nashville heavy hitters such as Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Phil Barton, Brian White, Patricia Conroy, and most famously, Liz Rose.

Be sure to stream “I Really Don’t Want To” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “I Really Don’t Want To” By ANNIKA

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