Tim Hicks’ Campfire Troubadour Tour Is Like Sitting Around A Bonfire With Him

Tim Hicks with a guitar

You know those summer nights when you’re with all your friends sitting around a bonfire, and someone brings out the guitar? Now imagine that someone is Tim Hicks. That’s the spirit of his Campfire Troubadour Tour.

The concept for this tour is to create an acoustic show that has the vibe of sitting around a campfire. The tour features small, intimate crowds (socially distanced of course), interesting venues, campfire stories, and songs to sing along with.

To say Tim achieved this would be an understatement.

Tim Joined Us to Talk And We Spoke About This Tour

Earlier in the year, Tim Hicks released his EP Campfire Troubadour. This EP is the result of the idea of sitting around a bonfire with friends. The acoustic album features acoustic guitars, harmonica, hands clapping, heckling friends, and the crackling of a fire.

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“It’s funny because Jeff Coplan, who produced the EP, said he was going to light a fire in his backyard and add some sound effects,” Tim says to The Music Express. “I said that would be neat, but I thought to myself that it would never make it to the final mix. But it worked, and when I heard it in context, I thought it leant the record a real vibe.

Tim Hicks has a reputation of putting on a show that’s gets you in the mood to party. He’s proven that he knows how to get people up and moving. This tour is a reminder of where he came from … playing acoustic sets in bars. It’s a really great way to see Tim, particularly as the world starts to open again.

Throughout the show Tim tells stories of how his songs came to be. He also shares how the EP and tour idea came about. In the middle of the pandemic Tim was starting to miss his friends. He and his wife Amanda love to entertain, so he missed the times when they would all sit around a bonfire and have fun. So he set out to recreate that feeling he was missing.

Having attended one of the shows, we can confidently say he captured that magic.

Tim Hicks’ Campfire Troubadour Tour Stops In Burlington With Dustin Bird

We had the chance to catch one of Tim’s Campfire Troubadour shows in Burlington at the Royal Botanical Gardens on August 11, 2021. It was a really cool venue for this type of concert. Being surrounded by so much nature helped bring the vibe of a campfire to life.

Dustin Bird opened the show and set the tone for the night with a great acoustic set. It was just him and his guitar, which is how he really shines. It showcases his flawless voice. As Jenna from Front Porch said “He could sing the alphabet and it would be perfect.”

When Dustin’s set was done, Tim came out with two members of his band. It started with Tim sharing the story of how his EP and tour came to be. He also shared the origin story of all the songs he was singing about.

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It was an experience that is so different from his usual rocking, and rowdy shows. We love his big shows, but it was really unique to experience a Tim Hicks show this way. To hear his big hits stripped down to an acoustic set made them feel brand new again. There was just as much energy, but it radiated a little differently. It was really cool.

There’s still time to catch Tim Hicks’ Campfire Troubadour Tour. When he’s at a venue near you, go check it out! There won’t be many opportunities to see a show like this again. Check Tim’s website for tour dates and tickets.

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