Lisa Nicole Bares Her Soul With New Album “Where Wild Hearts Beat”

Lisa Nicole's new album Where Wild Hearts Beat

Lisa Nicole’s new album Where Wild Hearts Beat is available everywhere today, and I’m really excited to tell you about it.

Channeling her art as a passionate songwriter with a fun, playful vibe, Lisa Nicole delivers the perfect combination of dance tracks and ballads, the perfect combo to polish off the summer.

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Following the release of the leading single, “Gypsy Girl,” Where WIld Hearts Beat provides us with the full length experience of stories about growing and loving, to fun on Sunday, to letters to parents and loved ones.

“This album represents my legacy project with all of my heart and soul put into it,” Lisa says. “Even so – more than anything else, I hope it inspires everyone to follow their own hearts and creative souls.”

Tracks on Lisa Nicole’s Album Where Wild Hearts Beat

Collectively, the entire album tells a great story. And when you take the album track by track, it breaks down the stories into great songs. Each song stands up on their own, and together they create a great piece of art that showcases Lisa’s versatility.

1. “Gypsy Girl”

“Gypsy Girl”, which was released as a single in July, is a fun-loving, freedom-of-a-highway kind of song. It’s about having the freedom to go wherever feels right, and exploring yourself along the way. The track is backed by upbeat instrumentals that will make you want to get up and dance. It may even inspire a little adventure.

The track is upbeat, but the song’s vibe is chill and inviting.

2. “Sunday Funday”

The album’s second track is “Sunday Funday” and if the title doesn’t tell you it’s all about escaping the Sunday Scaries, the playful lyrics and invitation to patio hop with friends will. The track is about embracing the day, enjoying time with friends, and a nice reminder not to take yourself too seriously.

If that doesn’t do the trick, prolonging the Sunday evening blues is a good enough reason to take the hint and embrace Caesar Sunday with your friends.

3. “Wait on Me”

“Wait on Me” takes listeners down a different path with Lisa Nicole. While the instrumentals are playful and positive, the lyrics are a little heartbreaking. “Wait on Me” tells the story many artists and musicians face, being away from loved ones for long periods of time while chasing their dream.

The story is about loving someone and hoping they will wait for her, because all of the work and distance is worth it in the end. It’s also about having the courage to explore and follow your dreams and let them take you where they need to.

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4. “Dear Mama”

“Dear Mama” is a dedication to Lisa Nicole’s mother, the struggles she’s encountered, and the love she has for her regardless. She channels her feelings and emotions into the experiences they faced growing up.

5. “Do Your Thang”

“Do Your Thang” is the perfect track to play while you’re getting ready for a night out with friends. It has me looking forward to nights out on the town in a post-pandemic life. “Do Your Thang” is fun, up-tempo, and the perfect song to get your friends pumped up for a great night out.

6. “Count On You”

“Count On You” is a transition to an appreciative message for someone you can truly count on. We all have that person we know we can be our true selves with and they’re judgement free and supportive. It’s a reminder to care for those who make your bad days better.

7. “He’ll Be With You”

The album’s final track, “He’ll Be With You” was written for Lisa Nicole’s best friend, who experienced the tragic loss of her husband. The soulful, emotional ballad is a musical hug for those who have experienced great loss in their life. It’s a true testament to friendship and support for those going through such difficulty.

“If I’ve learned anything over the past 18 months,” she says, “it’s that the very unpredictable journey of life is more important than any destination. Life changes in an instant and it’s impossible to predict the future. Make the most of every moment – musically and otherwise.”

Lisa Nicole’s Where Wild Hearts Beat is a meaningfully crafted experience for listeners and really showcases the experiences many people go through.

You can follow Lisa Nicole on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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