An Artist Profile On Canadian Country Artist Lisa Nicole

Canadian country artist Lisa Nicole

Lisa Nicole is a Castlegar, British Columbia native with a passion for country music and a knack for storytelling.

She started singing when she was nine years old and was performing in bars by the age of fifteen. She recalls having to wait outside for her stage time and having to leave immediately. Whether they were at home on the road in the truck, Lisa Nicole was always surrounded by country music.

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She intertwined music into her education, attending Selkirk College of Contemporary Music and Technology. She then won the BCCMA/Music BC Artist Development Project in 2015, which involved participating in Canada’s Music Incubator’s program and a songwriting trip to Nashville.

Lisa Nicole was able to take the stage with Ketih Urban at a pop-up show on one of her trips to Nashville. She had heard via word of mouth that Urban would be playing a pop-up show in Nashville and decided to take advantage of the moment.

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She remembers thinking, “I’m going to go to the show, I’m going to sing with him,” really manifesting the moment for herself.

Sure enough, when the crowd went quiet, she made her move and Keith Urban let her select “We Were Us” for their duet.

It was following this that she moved down to Nashville for the Spring of 2018 to spend time songwriting.

Lisa travels to Nashville every year and has built up a catalog of tracks, some of which are featured on her first full-length release, Where Wild Hearts Beat.

Lisa Nicole's new album Where Wild Hearts Beat

“It’s nice to have a bank of songs in your back pocket, you never know when one is going to come out.”

Through her experience, releasing two EPs and her full-length album, along with countless songwriting sessions and musical training, Lisa Nicole has been able to craft her art as a vocalist and tell stories that catapult listeners into the moment and the story.

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One piece of advice she shares to young artists is, “Nurture your songwriting and your voice, work on yourself for a couple years and let yourself grow before you record.” She adds “It’s going to take a lot of time, dedication, and money.” All that to say, she believes in chasing your dreams and working hard in that pursuit.

On top of being a songwriter and musician, Lisa Nicole hosts the Wild Hearts podcast, which you can listen to on Spotify and Apple Music.

Connect with Lisa Nicole on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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