Introducing Benny Douglas’ Debut Single “Gettin’ To Me”

Benny Douglas' Debut Single "Gettin' To Me"

If you’re looking for a country Jason Mraz vibe, “Gettin’ to Me” is just what you need. “Gettin’ to Me” was a unique experience the first time listening to it. The instrumentals are smooth, the lyrics are sultry, while the track as a whole is flirtatious, and infused with a cool country finish.

“Gettin’ to Me” is the story of guy meets girl, but it’s really about recognizing growth through developing a relationship. You start dating someone, and suddenly you aren’t satisfied by the bar scene anymore, and the things that used to do it for you, just don’t anymore, because this person is changing you for the better. It’s sort of about the process of finding your person and leaving a version of yourself behind as you grow into this new you with someone else.

Douglas says he wanted a feel good song to give listeners as we navigate our way back into the world of live music and reopening. Douglas partnered with songwriter and friend, Craig Brooks to bring this track to life.

“Gettin’ to Me” is definitely a feel-good country tune, with hints of the alternative genre in there. There’s nothing quite like it out in Canadian Country music right now.”

Douglas notes that he derives a lot of inspiration from John Mayer and Dan + Shay, and you can see the underlying parallels in his debut track. Country Jason Mraz really isn’t too far off!

It’s been an exciting year for Douglas, who, a guitar player since he was young, has really started to get into songwriting. Putting “Gettin’ to Me” together from writing, to recording and producing has been a great experience, and he’s so thankful for the positive reception so far.

You can follow Benny Douglas on Instagram and Twitter.

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