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country-rock artist Kadooh

With the release of his latest single, Rattlesnake Bite, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce Kadooh to the Front Porch.

Kadooh is no stranger to the music industry, but he is newer to the country genre. After spending over a decade with the Canadian rock band, State of Shock, Kadooh is channeling that to deliver unique rock-country music.

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“Country music is a genre I’ve really grown to love, and I think it’s opened itself up on both the pop and rock side. The parameters have really expanded, and that’s been really great for me.”

An Interview with Kadooh

Simon Clow grew up in Hanna, Alberta alongside Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Acquiring his stage name from a group of friends and their friendly nicknaming antics, Kadooh followed his music career to British Columbia, where he’s spent the last twenty years.

While Kadooh grew up playing in rock bands, he also grew up immersed in the country lifestyle, surrounded by Charley Pride, Conway Twitty, Garth Brooks, John Michael Montgomery, and Brooks and Dunn.

When Kadooh began playing as the lead guitarist and background vocalist with State of Shock, he had the chance to tour with Seether, Stained, and Papa Roach, to name a few, where he gained a lot of experience as a stage performer. When State of Shock went on hiatus, he spent a few years outside of music.

When he connected with Jeff Johnson, he started writing, working on his vocals and recorded his self-titled EP, released in 2019. Kadooh has settled into a punchy country sound with undeniable rock influence that sets him apart.

Kadooh has spent much of the last eighteen months “filling the vault” with new music and ideas. He’s participated in some livestream shows and has finally been able to get on stage just this month in Langley. Following the release of “Rattlesnake Bite”, Kadooh is working on his upcoming album.

Right now, Kadooh is working on choosing the right songs and putting a lot of thought into the tracks that make the album.

“You always want to put your best foot forward. I’m excited about some of the songs Jeff and Chad and I have written together.”

Chad Kroeger took part in writing and inspiring “Rattlesnake Bite”. After spending time in the studio plucking away at an acoustic guitar, Kroeger came to the studio with the concept of “rattlesnake bite.” Kadooh recalls re-writing the chorus six times, but “better is better.” He’s so thankful to listeners, “the reception has been unbelievable” since the July release of “Rattlesnake Bite”.

You can connect with Kadooh on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.

Stream His Single “Rattlesnake Bite”

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