A Review Of Eric Ethridge’s Album “Good With Me”

Eric Ethridge's single "Sad Songs"

We’re definitely late to the party with this one, but I can’t get enough of Eric Ethridge’s 2021 album, Good With Me.

Ethridge’s self-titled debut album featured hits like “Liquor’s Calling the Shots,” “If You Met Me First,” and “California,” along with my personal favourite, “Girl on Fire.” Ethridge’s sound is pop-country and up-tempo.

Good With Me, the sophomore record from the Sarnia, Ontario native, features that familiar Eric Ethridge sound, continuing to push the boundaries of contemporary pop-country music. While the album as a whole is energetic, emotional, and fun, a few songs piqued my interest.

Check out my favourites below.

Highlights From Eric Ethridge’s Album Good With Me

“Dream Girl,” the album’s leading track, was actually written by Dan + Shay. Ethridge’s voice falls naturally into the song and really sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s about having a dream girl, but also losing her. Reminiscing in the relationship and memories, but also missing the relationship are themes delivered throughout this song.

“Good With Me”, the album’s title track, was the first that really captured my attention. “Good With Me” is upbeat, positive, and flirty. It’s lighthearted and the lyrics make you feel good. The music itself makes you want to get up and dance. It’s catchy, and it often gets stuck in my head – it’s a song where, when I hear it once, I usually go back and listen again before I move on to the next song.

“No Good Love” is one that caught my ear after hearing the album two or three times. After listening passively a few times, “No Good Love” caught my attention for the music as well – but actually listening was relatable. “No good love ends in a goodbye, baby we were nothing but a spark.” The song is about losing a love, coming to terms with the end of a relationship, and recognizing that it really wasn’t meant to be.

“Out of My League” is cute, it’s light, and puts a smile on my face when I hear it. It’s all in the title, being with someone you feel is out of your league, but you’re lucky anyways.

And finally…

I’m a big fan of “Kiss Me Goodbye.” It’s about love, the emotion around feelings, and that feeling when you’re in an early relationship when you can’t get enough of one another. But … it’s also about not losing that feeling, and always feeling this great love, and not wanting to walk away from it.

Inspired by WALK OFF THE MOON’S chart-topping pop song, “Shut Up and Dance,” Ethridge took what he needed from his love for that song, and channeled it into “Kiss Me Goodbye” to deliver a fun, energetic dance track.

Like I said, I’m a huge fan of the album as a whole. It’s shown Ethridge’s growth from his first record, and really showcases his talent as a pop-country artist and dedicated songwriter.

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