Paige Rutledge Keeps Summer Going With “Sunshine Sunday”

Paige Rutledge "Sunny Sunday"

Paige Rutledge is keeping the summer vibes going with her single “Sunshine Sunday”. It’s a fun song that makes you wish the heat could stay all year long.

Paige has a reputation of releasing feel-good music that effortlessly fuses the pop-country sound. It’s hard not to smile when listening to her music … and that feeling rings true when you see her live too.

“Sunshine Sunday” is all about having fun with the people you love no matter where you are. The sound of the song makes you want to grab a margarita, hop in the pool, and float all afternoon.

Paige teamed up with our friends Rich Cloke and Mariya Stokes to write this song. It shows a fun side to this writing trio’s skill, and features Paige’s distinct and crisp vocals.

“‘Sunshine Sunday’ was created through the need for good times and is about hanging out with your friends no matter where you are as long as the sun is shining” Paige says. “The song reflects the mindset that you don’t need to be somewhere fancy to have a party with the people you love.”

Coming off the heels of her previous single “Broken Record”, Paige continues to build a catalogue of uplifting singles to brighten your day.

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Be sure to stream “Sunshine Sunday” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Sunshine Sunday” By Paige Rutledge

About Paige Rutledge

When Paige was nine her grandfather, who was her biggest influence, passed away and she sang at the funeral. It was in that moment she recognized that music can connect people and knew she wanted to make music for the rest
of her life.

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Paige began playing at local restaurants and any venue that would take her. “I remember my parents would have to come with me to all of the bar gigs because I was way too young to be in a bar by myself on the nights I would play” recalls Paige.

Paige Rutledge's latest single "Broken Record"

As a songwriter, Paige values the authenticity in country music and writes music that everyone can find a version of their truth in. “I want my songs to be relatable to my listeners and have everyone find a piece of them in it” says Paige. Releasing her first single at 16, Paige has learnt a lot along the way and has used the past few years to really solidify her artistry.

“Now that I am in my 20’s and know what I want out of life, I feel much more confident as a person and artist and know what my songs need to say” says Paige.

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