Paige Rutledge Slows Things Down With “Good At Missing You”

Paige Rutledge "Good At Missing You"

“Good At Missing You” is available on all streaming platforms as Paige Rutledge’s first release of 2022.

Slowing it down a little after a couple of up-tempo summer tracks, “Broken Record” and “Sunshine Sunday”, Paige is showing a more vulnerable, emotional side of herself as an artist with “Good At Missing You”.

Paige says, “I think everyone at some point experiences this kind of feeling when ending a relationship and can hopefully relate to this and find their truth in the lyrics.”

The Inspiration Behind “Good At Missing You”

“‘Good at Missing You’ was an idea that I had sitting in my phone for a few months prior to writing the song. I had been going through this on and off relationship for a while and was really finding myself emotionally invested in this person to the point that even when we weren’t together, I was still thinking about him all of the time and I really did not want to be, but ultimately couldn’t help myself.”

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“I brought the idea to my co-writers, Aaron Pollock, Alex DiMauro, and Lydia Sutherland in August 2021, and each of them had experienced something similar to this idea.” 

Rutledge continues, “The song essentially wrote itself within an hour and we all pulled from our personal experiences to really get across that emotional vulnerability you feel when you are missing someone.” 

Paige and her cousin, Alex DiMauro, who co-wrote and produced the track, turned their family cottage into a recording studio and started production on it the same day it was written. 

“We both felt something special with the song and are really excited to have it out in the world so that it can hopefully help listeners get through whatever they are going through.”

Paige Rutledge

“Good At Missing You” Showcases Another Layer of Paige Rutledge

Known for her outgoing personality, bubbly laughter, and fun pop-country sound, Paige dialed in on a more emotional side of her art as a songwriter and artist, to deliver an honest, relatable ballad that will be able to resonate with listeners.

Rutledge shows diversity in sound and story as she launches into 2022 with “Good At Missing You”, available on all streaming platforms now!

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