Eric Ethridge Releases New Single “Sad Songs”

Eric Ethridge's single "Sad Songs"

Sad Songs” is the latest single from Eric Ethridge’s 2020 album, Good With Me. Following on the heels of “Kiss Me Goodbye” and “Dream Girl“, which both broke the Top 40.

“Sad Songs” pivots from the love-infused singles prior, to heartbreak, and moving on. Ethridge, known for his romantic, pop-country tracks, blends the soft, emotional ballad with a bit of a buildup and a solid drum beat and electric guitar riff.

The song itself is about being tired of sad songs … they’re a reminder of a past relationship, reliving the pattern of the relationship. From food and wine, to tv shows, and the feelings that went with it. It’s about being exhausted by the feeling of being stuck in the heartache and memories of the past.

“Music has a lot of different functions in peoples’ lives. Some people listen to sad music as a catharsis, as an emotional purge … they want to hear something that relates to how they’re feeling. But then other people are like, ‘I don’t want to listen to sad songs anymore, because they remind me of you,’ which is also something that everybody has probably felt at some point in their life. So I think this is a super relatable song,” Ethridge shares about Sad Songs, with Apple Music.

“Sad Songs” resonates with listeners on both sides of that fence … those who want to listen to something that’s reflective of what they’re feeling, but also those who are ready to put a relationship in the past and move on.

Sad Songs may be Ethridge’s latest single, but it’s not exactly reflective of his current lifestyle. He and his wife, fellow Canadian Country artist Kalsey Kulyk, have been living life on the road, after converting a van to a living space. The van includes a small recording studio, and a roof stage, so they can perform socially-distanced shows on the road.

You can follow Eric and Kalsey’s journey here, and follow Eric Ethridge on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.

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