D’orjay The Singing Shaman Is A “New Kind Of Outlaw”

D'orjay The Singing Shaman - a new kind of Outlaw

This is a cool song! D’orjay The Singing Shaman is a powerful voice, and may be one of the most important ones to hit the country music scene.

D’orjay is pushing the boundaries that should have been pushed a long time ago in this genre. Her song “New Kind Of Outlaw” proves it. It’s a song with traditional country sounds, and a message that perfectly introduces us to D’orjay as an artist, and carves out her own place in the genre.

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This is the kind of artist that we need to keep the genre moving forward. As a Black Queer woman, D’orjay is passionate, vocal and committed to bringing diversity and inclusiveness to country music. And to top it all off, this great message is all wrapped up into a kick-ass, high quality song.

D’orjay The Singing Shaman has a powerful voice with deep tones that are reminiscent of Wynona. But it’s not even just her voice that stands out. The melody, and the heavy guitars command your attention as the listener. And the guitar solo halfway through is mint!

“New Kind Of Outlaw” is the title single from her full album. She went all out for this project … she recorded the entire project at Edmonton studio, Velveteen Audio, with JUNO nominated producer Brad Simons.

Be sure to stream “New Kind Of Outlaw” bu D’orjay The Singing Shaman on Apple Music and Spotify.

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About D’orjay The Singing Shaman

D’orjay The Singing Shaman was a late bloomer stepping on to the stage. She was 35 years old when she finally grabbed the microphone as a professional artist. Her most authentic self expression and healing comes from writing songs and sharing those stories with vulnerability and emotion to the audience.

stream the latest single from D'orjay The Singing Shaman

Her style of country music continues to evolve honouring the classic country music she grew up on living in rural Alberta while also colouring outside the lines of what current mainstream country music has to offer. And we need artists like this to keep doing this.

Lyrics To “New Kind Of Outlaw” By D’orjay The Singing Shaman

[Verse 1]
I’m a new kind of outlaw
Can you see past the good ol’ boys?
‘Cause I’m a new kind of outlaw (You’ll see)
I ain’t wearin’ no daisy dukes
My fro is to the roof
And I ain’t here to look cute (For you)
I’m a new kind of outlaw
So no mainstream radio
When you’re a new kind of outlaw (Like me)
They ain’t feelin’ your Black queer flow
My ass is fat (With a capital F)
And CMT forgot to air my show (Hey, hey, hey)
Country music, what you gonna do?

[Verse 2]
I’m this new kind of outlaw
So my voice ain’t sugar and sweet
If I have to be, then I will be an outlaw
I ain’t writin’ ’bout drankin’ beer down by the river
My new old truck, partyin’ (And giver)
I’m a new kind of outlaw
Can there be a spot for us all?
So many of us feel like outlaws
Where’s real community? All of us together
I love country music, will country music love me? (Hey, hey, hey)
‘Cause I’m your new wild child
Hey, yeah, yeah

Garth sang “We shall be free”
And radio banned his song
You burned The Chicks’ freedom of speech
So what you gonna do when I say I belong?

[Verse 3]
Tell me why we have been outlawed
Different standards for our girl Mickey
Only choice to be is an outlaw
Shout out to Linda Martell, Valerie June
Our Native Daughters, Rissi, Ruby, Dona Mason
Tired of bein’ outlaws
Put Yola on your award ballots
Then maybe we don’t have to be outlaws
So here’s just one more fact for the target on my back
Remindin’ you all country music is Black (Too, too, too)
So tell me, what you gonna do?

Hey, yeah, yeah
Hey, oh
Hey, yeah, yeah

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