An Interview With Wes Mack For His New Single “Don’t Change”

Wes Mack's single "Don't Change"

Wes Mack’s latest single “Don’t Change” is out today on all platforms. The natural creative, writer, director, and actor has had a busy year leading up to today’s release.

“Don’t Change” transports listeners to the perfect love story and features a familiar sound of soft instrumentals building the track right from the beginning. The thoughtfully chosen lyrics enable listeners to immerse themselves in the story.

Inspired by his childhood roots in Calgary, Wes Mack grew up listening to old-school country music, not that he enjoyed it at the time. It wasn’t until university that he and a schoolmate enjoyed listening to Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Senior, Ian Tyson, and Dolly Parton. While his music tends to be light and modern, it’s fuelled by those traditional guitar strings and piano chords.

Wes Mack says the song is something anyone can relate to given the current circumstances. It’s really about something that stays the same while everything in the world is changing. It delivers a sense of comfort and ease; an innocent escape.

You can listen to “Don’t Change” on all streaming platforms today: March 5, 2021.

Interview: Catching up with Wes Mack

Wes Mack grew up in Calgary, and has been based out of Vancouver for quite some time.

He’s an artist of many trades, being a singer-songwriter, actor, producer, and director. It began in his early music career … with little money, he bought a camera, a film textbook, and directed his music videos. His talents grew out of necessity as an up-and-coming artist in those days. He’s always been interested in film, spending time behind the camera observing when he’s not on set as an actor.

As a songwriter, he’s had the opportunity to write with some really talented people, but typically doesn’t write for other artists. He’s excited to see Tyler Joe Miller’s latest single, “Fighting”, climbing the Canadian charts. He is a co-writer on the track, and knows it’s a special song.

Canadian country artist Wes Mack

Wes didn’t always have music in mind for his career. He’s always been academically inclined. Originally setting out to university for a degree in physics and political science. It didn’t take long for him to decide to drop his math and science courses, and pursue the arts. One acting class added to his schedule led to the creative floodgates opening.

Music has always been part of Wes Mack’s life. His dad is a musician, so he was brought into the world of instruments at age eleven.

When he was thirteen, he and a couple buddies from his hockey team formed a band that played together for eight years. Growing up with musicians and artists has really given him a well-rounded appreciation, not just for the art, but the hard work that goes into each step of the process.

2020 wasn’t so unexpected in terms of his career.

After releasing Soul in 2019, he had planned to spend the year writing music and recording. After heading up to his cabin for what was intended to be a short-term trip, he stayed for six months. He used old equipment his family stored, and wrote and recorded demos for his new tracks.

It was great to have that time to spend on music, because things have picked up, and he’s working on his releases for the upcoming year, along with balancing a handful of acting gigs. While 2021 is set to be a busy year for Wes Mack, he’s excited to be busy.

You can follow Wes Mack on Twitter and Instagram.

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