Francine Honey Releases New Single “I Carry On” With Robert Gray

Francine Honey has released her new single "Red Sky"

Front Porch Sponsored PostWe have an inspirational song from Canadian country/roots artist Francine Honey. “I Carry On” featuring Robert Gray is a song that will leave you feeling hopeful.

“I Carry On” was cowritten with her neighbour, friend, and fellow songwriter Robert Gray.

It’s a song about the human spirit and our ability to overcome all kinds of challenges. It features the familiar sound from Francine Honey that we have come to expect and love, and Robert’s voice which blends wonderfully with hers.

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When you listen to the lyrics of this song, you will find that you can relate to many of the sentiments in the song. Including asking yourself “Where does this courage come from?” when you get through a challenging situation.

“I have had my share of challenges in life struggling to make ends meet as the sole provider for my two children and somehow I always knew I’d get through them,” Honey explains. “Robert and I were outside chatting one day as neighbours do and he told me he was going through a major health challenge with cancer.”

“We bonded over our mutual feelings about overcoming challenges with the help of a positive attitude, gratitude, love and song writing!” Honey Continues, “We talked about how others have inspired us in the past, and wrote about how people are there for you when you need them and the strength that we as humans find to survive and overcome our challenges.”

These two make great writing partners!

This song is more than just a great message though. It’s also a great melody. It’s a song that you’re going to want to add to your playlists and enjoy over and over again.

Stream “I Carry On” by Francine Honey

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About Francine Honey

Although she’s made music since childhood, Francine Honey never dreamed of making it a career.  However, along the way, the down-to-earth artist has displayed extraordinary dedication to her craft. She tends to draw from her own life for inspiration. Honey’s latest songs run the gamut of emotion and have made significant waves worldwide.

Francine’s music can now be heard worldwide on radio stations from the U.K. to the U.S.A., Ireland, Canada and beyond.  She has been featured on both CBC radio and Sirius XM and receives millions of views on her videos. Francine appeared on CTV News, CFRU’s Folk Roots Radio and many more.



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