Getting To Know Jessica Pearson After The Release Of Her Latest Single and Viral Video

Jessica Pearson and the East Wind

Jessica Pearson’s newest single “Row”, is all about taking things as they come and overcoming obstacles along the way. It’s about resilience and personal growth.

With a number of tours in Europe, learning about herself through her debut album, and a bit of TikTok virality gone sideways, I got to know Jessica and her career more.

Interview with Jessica Pearson

Jessica Pearson’s love for music began at a young age, despite not having any musicians in her family. She was captivated by the melodies of artists like Shania Twain, often playing her CDs during visits to her cousin’s house. 

“My family loves music and there was always music playing, but no one in my family plays,” says Jessica looking back.

Her passion for music grew, and as a child, she pleaded with her parents for a guitar. Her wish was granted on her eighth birthday, and she eagerly learned enough chords to start writing her own songs.

Her parents wanted her to pursue a formal education so Jessica chose to study Musical Theatre. This decision allowed her to delve deeper into the art of performance, learn to handle rejection, embrace critique, and never give up. Being on stage felt like home to her, and she discovered that songwriting and storytelling were at the heart of her musical journey.

“I just knew I loved being on stage. It’s always felt like home for me. Songwriting and storytelling in that way has always been the heart of it for me.”

Developing As An Artist

Jessica drew inspiration from legendary country songwriters such as Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton. These artists, known for their ability to tell stories and convey deep emotions, influenced her musical style significantly. She found a kindred spirit in Brandy Carlisle, whose three-part harmonies and captivating performances resonated deeply with Jessica. 

These inspirations combined with a songwriting retreat to Scotland in 2016, Jessica has developed her songwriting style and creativity as an artist.

Debut Albums and Life Lessons

Jessica Pearson’s debut album, On The Line, allowed her to release emotions and experiences that had shaped her life over the past decade. The album served as a musical detox for the soul, offering listeners a chance to let go of their own burdens. 

On learning about herself through her debut album, she says “Sometimes you write songs and they come from a specific place, and then you live that song. I feel like this album was a way for me to release a lot in my life.”

The pandemic forced people worldwide to reevaluate their lives and find happiness in new ways.

For Jessica, it was an opportunity to confront her emotions and break down the walls she had built around herself. Writing songs became a cathartic experience, allowing her to be vulnerable and share her deepest feelings.

The pandemic taught her the importance of feeling emotions fully and moving through trauma with resilience.

A Viral “Adventure”

During a trip to Ireland for a showcase, Jessica found herself stuck on a plane in Iceland for hours due to inclement weather.

In an incredible act of generosity, the captain and crew, aware of their passengers’ musical talents, decided to lift spirits by playing music. Jessica shared a video of their impromptu performance on TikTok, which garnered both praise and hate.

Undeterred, she turned the negative experience into a positive one by sharing another video of musicians coming together during a stressful elevator ride, showcasing the power of unity and resilience.

“Row,” her latest single, emerged as a defining moment in her musical career. Working on the song’s release happened to coincide with the difficulty she was facing with social media. It became a bit of a pep talk for her. 

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“This is another song I wrote and then lived. I feel like I’m a fortune teller through songs I write for myself.”

With more music on the horizon, we’re interested in what Jessica will predict for herself next!

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