The Hunter Brothers kick off their Burning Down the Barn tour in Edmonton

Hunter Brothers On Stage Burning Down The Barn Tour

The Hunter Brothers started off their Burning Down the Barn tour at the Winspere Theatre in Edmonton, opening with – you guessed it – their energetic track, “Burning Down the Barn”. 

They segued into “Born and Raised”, explaining that growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan led to a life of hockey in the winter, crops in the spring, and music in the summer. “Country State of Mind” set the scene of a gravel road one mile East of the family farm, starting out with some incredible harmonies.

Next up was a song dedicated to a young man named Ben who had tickets for three shows and had specifically requested “Northern Lights”. 

The brothers kicked it up a few notches with their hit “Been a Minute” – talk about an earworm! The whole crowd was clapping and singing along. 

Given that the concert was in Alberta, the band asked how many farmers were in the crowd, followed by how many people in the crowd know a farmer. They received lots of enthusiastically raised hands before launching into “What Colour You Drive” (referencing tractors, of course). 

Everyone was up and out of their seats for “Silver Lining”, singing along and swaying. 

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Following an intermission, the brothers took it down a few notches, setting up some stools at the front of the stage and going acoustic with “Just Wanted You to Know”. It was giving serious living room vibes, especially when they began introducing each other. Each brother chose one brother to introduce, leading to many hilarious anecdotes about their formative years. The brothers were having a blast razzing each other, with the crowd cracking up at their shenanigans.

The brothers were chirping each other and when Brock was introduced, it was with a snarky “this is Brock. He’s bald” to which a kid in the audience yelled out “he’s beautiful!”.

Ty was sporting a white denim jacket with some Burning Down the Barn art on it, which he shared was hand painted by a friend. Each concert on the tour will feature a different hand painted jacket, 19 in total. 

If you’re jealous of this look (or want to support a good cause), the jackets are up for auction online, with all the proceeds going to the Canadian Food Bank.

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The brothers are known for their TikTok videos signing in grain bins, and had their sound crew kick up the reverb before launching into a medley of songs with an echo that mimicked the sound. If you haven’t watched any of these, be sure to check them out!

Ty introduced the song “Hard Dirt”, mentioning some challenges he’s faced with mental health and encouraging everyone to find the strength in their struggles.

After playing a medley of “Hurry”, “Sold”, “Jolene” and Shania’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” (sung by surprise guest Hailey Benedict), “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”, and “Cotton Eye Joe”, the band announced that just before coming onstage they’d found out that “Lost” had gone platinum. They closed out their show with the crowd singing along to the hit before retaking the stage for an encore of “Those Were the Nights”.

Make sure to grab tickets to this tour – it’s full of laughs, good music, and fun!

Lauren Lee
Lauren Lee

Growing up, I was an avid country music hater. Dean Brody won me over in my 20s and my enjoyment of the genre has steadily increased since then, especially after moving to Alberta. I'm a lover of music, explorer of new places, asker of questions, admirer of nature, and socializer extraordinaire.

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