Justin Mattock’s “Sweet Dreams” Is A Different Kind Of Breakup Song

Justin Mattock "Sweet Dreams"

Justin Mattock is a country artist from the West side of the country and has recently released his second single “Sweet Dreams”.

“Sweet Dreams” is an upbeat song with a bittersweet message. It’s about being at the end of a relationship that has ended with no bad blood. Sad that things have ended, but wishing the other person the best in whatever comes next.

It’s a pleasant departure from the stereotypical country breakup songs.

We chatted quickly with Justin to learn more about the song

It’s kind of tough to put an exact pinpoint on what Sweet Dreams was about – definitely a few different experiences/situations all put together to form one song or story. There was a specific experience that kicked off the idea to write it, but I pulled ideas from situations my friends were going through as well. The main take of the song is being with someone and having your life all planned out, then getting the rug pulled out from under you. It’s a bittersweet goodbye in the end, but you’re still wishing the best for the person in the life they’re pursuing.

– Justin Mattock

Justin’s vocals are a great mix of pop and country, and they give me some Dan + Shay vibes. This kind of male voice is largely underrepresented in the Canadian country genre. So it’s a refreshing song and sound!

The melodic guitars mix so well with Justin’s voice, and the song showcases his skills as a songwriter.

“Sweet Dreams” is the follow-up single to his debut “By Your Side”. Be sure to stream it on Apple Music and Spotify, or wherever you get your music.

About Justin Mattock

Vancouver country artist Justin Mattock

From Vancouver, Justin is by no means a stranger to the music industry. He got his start in the pop-punk and rock genres with various bands that had him touring across the country. After the band parted ways, Justin dabbled in and out of other pop, rock, and punk groups, but found himself getting pulled into the country genre.

He has traded in his tight black skinny jeans for some blue denim and found his way home to the country genre.

His debut single was titled “By Your Side” (Produced by Garrett Ward and Dan Botch – The Renaissance) and has a 5 track EP on its way. “Sweet Dreams” will be part of that EP

Now that live music is back, you can be sure to catch him performing live. Be sure to follow Justin on Instagram to stay up to date.

Stream “Sweet Dreams” By Justin Mattock

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