Kelsi Mayne’s New Album “As I Go” and Viral TikTok Music Video

Kelsi Mayne releases new album "As I Go"

Front Porch Sponsored PostEvery now and then, a country artist comes along whose talent is hard to ignore… Kelsi Mayne is one of those artists. She has released a brand new album As I Go, and it’s a great showcase of her talent!

As I Go is a brand new album from Canadian country artist Kelsi Mayne. It’s a great album filled with 11 new tracks that beautifully showcase Kelsi’s talents as a singer,  a songwriter, and an all-around artist. The songs on this album provide a range of songs for your listening pleasure. From heartfelt ballads like “About Time”  “Surrender” and “Leave”, to really relaxed vibes with “SOS” and “Between Us”.

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The stand-out song on this album for us, though, is the title track “As I Go”. Country music is no stranger to songs about revenge. But “As I Go” is a unique take on the staple of country music. “We had a lot of fun coming up with different ways to get revenge,” Kelsi says. “We even managed to pay homage to Carrie Underwood in the chorus” she continues, “but what also makes this song different than most ‘cheatin’ hearts’ country songs is she admittedly doesn’t know what she’s going to do and — much like myself — has a hard time deciding!”

This song has also helped Kelsi achieve what many artists strive for online. She has gone viral on the popular social media network TikTok. She released a preview of the music video on this platform, and in less than 24 hours, it had more than 1.5 million — MILLION — views. The TikTok video featured Kelsi and a group of people racing through a field on ATVs and trucks, driving to the epic song “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton.

@kelsimayneThe ##moneyshot ? ##gmc ##ford ##ram ##dodge ##dodgeram ##dirtbike ##atv ##musicvideo ##redneck ##rednecknation ##truck ##truckchallenge ##trucklife ##farmlife♬ God’s Country – Blake Shelton

The TikTok video has since racked up more than 2.7 million views.

On the music video’s success Kelsi says: “We decided to go with a ‘Mad Max’ inspired look and whatever resources we knew we had together between all of our friends — gasoline, trucks, dirt bikes, ATVs, a drone, monster truck, smoke bombs, fireworks, and two scrap cars.” It really paid off!

As I Go by Kelsi Mayne is a great collection of songs, and one that you’re going to want to listen to, and add to your favourites.

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Music Video for “As I Go” by Kelsi Mayne

The music video for “As I Go” is about as badass as it can get. From fire, fireworks, monster trucks, and gun. This music video has everything you need to know not to mess with Kelsi ??‍♀️

About Kelsi Mayne

Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Kelsi has been making a name for herself the Canadian country music genre. She has played at some of the country’s most celebrated music festivals, including Havelock Jamboree, Boots & Hearts, and the Big Valley Jamboree. She is also one of the three top finalists in SiriusXM’s national ‘Top of the Country’ contest.

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