Kendra Kay Introduces Herself & New Single “How It’s Done”

Kendra Kay is a country artist from from Manitoba

We are so excited to introduce you all to Kendra Kay; an emerging country artist from Manitoba. Kendra has released a new single that blends traditional and modern country music called “How It’s Done”.

“How It’s Done” is an uptempo, feel-good song. We had the chance to catch up with Kendra Kay to learn more about this fantastic artist, and to talk about this great new single.

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Interview With Kendra Kay

Front Porch: First of all, welcome to the Front Porch! We’re really excited to have you join us and introduce you to our audience. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Kendra Kay: My name is Kendra Kay! I grew up in small town Elkhorn, Manitoba. I am a proud and true country girl who spends the majority of my free time at home on the ranch with the horses and cows. When I’m not on the road singing in the summer time, I am on the road with my horse barrel racing and watching/helping my family compete in Chuckwagon Races. I found a love for music at a young age, specifically Country Music, starting singing lessons and competing in singing competitions around age 11. It was a family trip down to Nashville at age 15 that set the wheels in motion to take music to the next level and shortly after that I started pursuing a career in Country Music.

FP: You’ve had a really exciting couple of years! Being signed to the international booking agency Sakamoto Agency must have been a big highlight for you. Tell us about what it’s like having such a huge player in the industry rally behind your music and you as an artist.

KK: Yes, thank you! These past couple years have been full of bucket list moments for me. Signing with Sakamoto Agency was definitely one of them! To have a team like Sakamoto standing being me as an artist is a dream come true. The team at the agency is so well respected and loved by the music industry, it makes me so proud to be apart of their music family.  For me as an artist, I have always focused so much energy into my live show so to have this team behind me to help get my show and music out there is going to be huge for me.

FP: Your new single “How It’s Done” is incredibly catchy, and so relatable. Tell us about this single – what the recording process was like, etc.

KK: How’s it’s Done is DEFINITELY the most fun song I have ever recorded. I got pitched this song last winter and fell in love with it instantly! I took it into the studio with Karen Kosowski down in Nashville (who wrote it along side Emma Lee and Genevieve Fisher) and had a such a blast recording it. Karen pushed me out of my comfort zone by getting me to try different things with my voice that really come across strong in the track. I couldn’t be happier with this song!

FP: The country music genre has really evolved in the past few years, and has become much more approachable to the average listener – blending the lines of pop and country, or country and rock. Your music has a pretty traditional feel to it, but with a modern flare, so we’re curious to know what do you think about that trend, and what do you say to the people who are critical about it?

KK: I grew up listening to true traditional country music and I still enjoy the classics today but that being said, as in everything in life, as times change, so do things around it.  I look back to the first music I put out (back in 2014) and compare it to my current music; there is a noticeable difference in sound, story line, musicality, etc. And that is only to be expect because I was 16 years old when I released my first EP.  Now, at 23, I have evolved into a young adult with some life experiences and more stories than what 16 year old Kendra knew. I guess all that to say, we live in a world where we are taught to colour outside the lines and be different so it’s only to be expected to see this evolution in country music. I love traditional country and will always tie it into the music I record and release but if go into the studio and record a Dolly song just like Dolly, I lose the authenticity of Kendra Kay, so that’s why I like to take the music I grew up on and the music around us today to create my own sound.

FP: What’s next for you? Can we expect new music and a tour?

KK: I am always working on new music! As for now, I will be promoting my new single How It’s Done on a radio tour and have a bunch of shows in the works, so stay tuned!

FP: Quickly – what are your top 5 songs that you’re currently obsessed with?


  • Even Though I’m Leaving – Luke Combs
  • Every Little Thing – Russel Dickerson
  • Dear Me – Madeline Merlo
  • On My Way To You – Cody Johnson
  • Southbound – Carrie Underwood

Thanks so much, we can’t wait to hear what’s next for you!

Stream “How It’s Done”


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