Kris Barclay’s Single “Right Here” Brings Hometown Pride

Kris Barclay's single "Right Here"

If there was a contest for the nicest guys in country music, Kris Barclay would be right up there! We’re excited to share his latest single “Right Here” with you all.

“Right Here” is a song that’s all about being proud of where you come from. It tells a story of hometown pride and sharing that love of your hometown with those who visit.

‘Right Here’ is a song that’s all about being proud of where you come from. Growing up playing sports and representing my hometown, there was always a sense of pride, both when teams from other places came to your city or being in other places, that has always stuck with me,” explains Kris. “Since transitioning from sports into music, traveling, and being on the road playing shows in all kinds of towns and cities, I’ve always found people are proud of where they are and excited to share a little piece of it with you.”

“Whether it’s a coffee shop or restaurant, a hometown brewery, or a well-known story about the town or people that grew up there, people are always ready to share,” Kris continued. “I wanted to try and capture that in this song, and I can’t wait to continue traveling to more places and learn about other people’s ‘Right Here’ and what that place means to them.”

“Right Here” is a great single and gives us the sound and vibes that we have come to expect and love from Kris. It’s a great story and showcases Kris’ writing and vocal talents.

Kris Barclay’s been making waves ever since he won the 2018 Emerging Artist Showcase. Kris competed against six other artists in front of a jury of country music artists and industry execs. He was the first-ever wildcard artist to win this prestigious showcase.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next for Kris. So be sure to stream “Right Here” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Right Here” By Kris Barclay

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