Madeline Merlo Releases “Take A Broken Heart”: It’s A Must-Listen

Canadian country artist Madeline Merlo

Country artist Madeline Merlo is back in the spotlight with a heartfelt single titled “Take A Broken Heart.”

With millions of collective streams, it’s clear that everything Madeline releases resonates with her fans, and this release will be no different.

This single comes on the heels of two well-deserved nominations for the upcoming BCCMA Awards.

She’s been recognized in the categories of Top Performing Single and Entertainer of the Year for the 2023 Awards.

Driving Forward from Heartbreak

Produced by the talented Zach Crowell, “Take A Broken Heart” explores all of the emotions that follow a breakup.

It’s a musical journey that takes you through the process of healing, where you leave the past behind as you drive forward with your broken heart. The lyrics are a reflection of those late-night conversations we’ve all had with our friends, offering a ray of hope during tough times.

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Madeline Merlo personally shares her connection to the song, saying, “I wrote ‘Take A Broken Heart’ during a beach writing trip, and I’ve been eager to share it with the world. The song mirrors the kind of conversations I’ve had with my friends and the advice we often need to hear. Remember, if someone breaks your heart, don’t give it back to them.”

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More About Madeline Merlo

Madeline Merlo has long proven her skills in songwriting, as described by Billboard. She’s mastered the art of telling big emotional stories in the span of three-minute songs, earning acclaim from American Songwriter, Billboard, E! News, PopCulture, MusicRow, and more. Her critically acclaimed label-debut EP, “Slide,” received praise from all corners of the industry, showcasing her ability to bring powerful stories to life.

We Had A Great Chat With Madeline On Our Podcast

As she continues to make her mark in the American country music landscape, Merlo’s latest projects, “Take A Broken Heart” and “You’ll Think Of Me,” join her previous release “Tim + Faith.” These offerings have earned praise and recognition from Billboard, Circle, CMT, Country Swag, and more.

Madeline Merlo is undoubtedly a rising star, ready to conquer the hearts of country music enthusiasts around the world.


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