Introducing Matt Morson And His Debut Country Single “Take A Chance”

Matt Morson's single "Take A Chance"

Front Porch Sponsored PostWe are pleased to introduce you to Ontario artist Matt Morson and his debut country single “Take A Chance”. It may be the first country song he’s released, but he’s no stranger to the genre.

“Take A Chance” is a great ballad, and sounds a bit different from this Nobleton ON based artist. Country is actually a style he writes in quite frequently. But he has never recorded or released a country song … until now.

when he was talking about this song, Morson revealed that he has been sitting on this song for a while. He’s been keeping it in his back pocket. “[It] was written many moons ago, for my girlfriend, if I’m being honest,” he reveals. “Since then, it has become so much more. It’s not just a love song, but also a song of hope.”

“The message ‘Take A Chance’ could be applied to anything,” Morson continues. “Because of all of this, it is a song I am very proud of and one that a great many people had input in to make perfect.”

This song is filled with traditional country sounds, and fits wonderfully with Matt’s smooth vocals. It may be his first public step into the world of country music … but it definitely shouldn’t be the last.

Morson’s music is heavily influenced by the classic sounds of the southern rock, blues and country genres. Music has long been a passion for this artist. At 11 years old, he picked up a guitar and has been playing ever since.

“Take A Chance” is available now. Stream this song on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Take A Chance” By Matt Morson

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