Nate Haller’s Second Single “Grew Up On”

Cover Art For Nate Haller's "Grew Up On"

Nate Haller’s building on the huge momentum of his debut single by releasing a brand new song just months after the first. “Grew Up On” is the latest from this exciting emerging artist.

“Grew Up On” brings Nate’s small, farm town upbringing to life. It celebrates the people and places that made Nate who he is today … a dirt bike-riding, outdoors-loving, self-proclaimed Mama’s boy. 

“I hope ‘Grew Up On’ gives people a clearer view into my past, specifically how I came up. We all have our stories, whether we come from a small town or a big city, and this song really tells mine,” said Nate on today’s release. “The past few months have been nothing I could have ever imagined, with the response to ‘Lightning In A Bottle.’ I cannot wait to get out and play both of these tracks at a live show, hopefully sometime very soon!”

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It’s really exciting to see audiences connect so strongly with a newer artist like this. His debut single “Lightning In A Bottle” has been really well received. It has amassed over half a million streams in just a couple months, and is climbing up the country radio charts. No small feat for any song, let alone a debut single.

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“Grew Up On” gives audiences an idea of what inspired his love of music. He now lives in Toronto, but his love of nature and the simple things in life keeps him going. Endless hours spent dirt biking or working with his dad outdoors, will always play a prominent part of his life. “It’s the cliche country stuff that I grew up doing that makes me who I am, and it’s something I never want to let go of,” Nate says.

We’re so excited to see what’s next for this emerging artist. Be sure to stream “Grew Up On” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Grew Up On It” By Nate Haller

Ontario country artist Nate Haller

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