Nicole Rayy is All In With Latest Single “House of Cards”

Nicole Rayy House Of Cards

Nicole Rayy’s latest single “House of Cards” debuted on streaming platforms on Friday January 21st but I was hooked way before that.

Instagram teasers of “House of Cards” in the weeks leading up had me waiting in anticipation for Nicole’s first release of 2022 and did she ever nail it.

“House of Cards” is edgy and dangerous. And the story, while relatable, may cut a little deep for those who have danced with the captivating but unstable relationship devil.

“This song is about a very passionate but dangerous relationship. One that is unstable and is bound to fall apart at any moment,” Rayy shares. “This relationship is one that you have been in before and you know it will likely crash and burn but you can’t help but try it again,” continues Nicole on the song’s story.

Watch The Music Video For “House Of Cards”

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Nicole Rayy has shown diversity in tone, genre crossover, and style over the last couple years. She’s never shied away trying something a little bit different and pushing the needle when it comes to defining yourself outside of one style of music.

“During my live shows I have always loved covering rock and country/rock music but I haven’t explored that side of my voice within my own music as much as I would like. I am excited to showcase that side with the release of House of Cards.”

Nicole is a natural performer and if you’ve seen her perform live, you know that’s even an understatement. “House of Cards” is dramatic and fierce; I can’t wait to see how it’s incorporated into the live show.

The music video for “House of Cards” will be released later in February 2022.

Listen to “House of Cards” on all streaming platforms and be sure to follow Nicole Rayy on social media.


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