[ON THE PORCH S1:E13] Peace, Love & What’s in the Shaunavon Water with Hunter Brothers

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Hunter Brothers are a busy band of …literal brothers, who are known for their incredible harmonies. 

Growing up in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Ty, Dusty, JJ, Luke, and Brock know a thing or two about playing hockey, hard work on the farm, and country music.

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We had all five brothers On The Porch where we chatted about growing up in rural Saskatchewan, how they got into music together, and their newest single, “Peace Love & Country Music”.

The brothers also chatted about where each of their strengths lie and how often Ty loses his wallet and passport – spoiler. It happens a lot! His wife had to get him a tracking tile for his wallet.

We also talked about some of the antics they get up to on the farm. If you happen to look up said antics, do not try any of it at home.

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On The Porch with Front Porch Music Season 1 Episode 13: “Peace, Love & What’s in the Shaunavon Water with Hunter Brothers”

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