It’s Been A “Long Time Coming” For River Town Saints’ Latest Single!

Country band River Town Saints

River Town Saints have made a name for themselves in the Canadian country landscape for releasing fun upbeat anthems. Their latest single “Long Time Coming” is another bop added to their catalogue of great singles.

It’s always a treat to hear music from this Ontario-based band. This one seems to hit a little differently as we look towards the world getting back to normal. As the title suggests, this song is about waiting a long time to have a good time.

We’ve all been stuck inside and living in solidarity, so the thought of having a good time with friends is very exciting!

It’s been a rough couple years for River Town Saints. Back in 2018, their lead single Chris Labelle left the band to pursue a solo career. Then a couple months later their bassist Dan Di Giacomo passed away at the age of 31. Two blows that could understandably end the band’s journey.

But not for these guys.

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They found a new lead singer Chase Kasner, and bassist Joe Patrois stepped in to fill Dan’s shoes. Since then they’ve been writing music and rebuilding.

“Long Time Coming” was written collectively cowritten by all the guys in the band, and with Canadian country artist Jason Blaine.

It’s the perfect anthem that features River Town Saints’ signature harmonies and catchy guitar riffs. It’s a song you’re going to want to add to all your party playlists.

Stream “Long Time Coming” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Long Time Coming” By River Town Saints

Watch The Music Video For This Single

Who are the members of River Town Saints?

Current Memebers:
Chase Kasner: Lead Singer
Jeremy Bortot: Lead Guitarist
Chris McComb: Vocals And Guitars
Jordan Potvin: Drums
Joe Patrois: Bass

Past Memebers:
Chris Labelle: Lead Singer
Dan Di Giacomo: Bassist

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