Orillia Folk Artist Shane Cloutier Releases “Rain Check”

Front Porch Sponsored PostOntario is home to so many fantastic country and folk artists … including Shane Cloutier. Shane has recently released his latest single “Rain Check”.

“Rain check” is a fantastic folk song. It’s about not being able to move on from difficult circumstances.

“It’s about feeling guilty for being stuck in difficult circumstances,” says Orillia-based folk rock singer/songwriter of his new single. “[it] gives a glimpse of hope that someday in the future, you’ll be able to embrace the present,” he continues. “I think sometimes we carry a lot of luggage from our past, and this can inhibit and sometimes prevent us from living life the way we are supposed to.”

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This song perfectly showcases Shane’s songwriting and his vocal talent.

The song starts with some simple, but delicious acoustic guitar. Just a few bars into the song though, Shane’s voice comes in and commands your attention. When the drums come in, the softness of the acoustic guitar and Shane’s voice remain the focus.

It’s such an interesting single to listen to. The structure of the song makes the lyrics hit you a little harder.

Shane’s background and influence from the heavy metal genre gives his voice a quality that elevates the traditional folk sounds. “Rain Check is a song that deserves attention … and you’re going to want to save it to your playlists.

“‘Rain Check,’ for me, is my inner dialogue in those moments of apprehension and uncertainty,” Shane says. “I truly believe our inner voice is how our spirit pushes forward, even when that voice feels dark.”

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About Shane Cloutier

Shane Cloutier is a solo act originally from Orillia, ON who has been performing and writing music for years. His strong emotional voice mixed with his work as a guitarist and heavy metal influences create an uncommon sound that is unlike any other indie folk musician.

He has released two indie folk acoustic albums and is currently working on a special project with a full band supporting him. Both albums have created some musical success and he looks forward to more opportunities to have his music heard as he continues to work on new material that he is excited to share.

Folk Artist Shane Cloutier

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