Son of John Release Their Music Video for “Country Pure”

Son of John in their new music video for "Country Pure"

Front Porch Sponsored PostEarlier this Summer, Canadian country duo Son of John released their debut single “Country Pure”. This song captivated us on the Front Porch right from the get-go, so we were anxiously waiting for the release of the music video. We’re happy to announce that the music video is here!

Son of John are one of the most interesting emerging artists to have hit the Canadian country scene. The duo is comprised of son Javan Johnson and dad Johnny P. Johnson – hence the band name Son of John. These two artists seamlessly blend two generations and genres as they create country/roots tunes together, bringing the genre back to its storytelling and traditional roots.

This song is all about being authentic to your roots. “Country Pure” doesn’t simply refer to a place, but rather a lifestyle and an attitude that comes with being so unapologetically rooted in how your were raised. “The song describes a man that works as a mechanic, and he’s the type of man that ‘shakes hands, win or lose.’ So, the concept of the video was born with that line specifically in mind.”

Watch the “Country Pure” Music Video


The music is a perfect compliment for this song. The tone, story, and overall vibe of the music video doesn’t take away from the song, but it helps to amplify its message. It captures the story of the mechanic in the song, and gives us a real sense for what life is like for this man in this small Canadian town.

When speaking about the love interest in the video, the duo commented: “We were initially hesitant about having a love interest, since the song doesn’t make any reference to it, but we felt the two leads portrayed a relationship that really exemplifies the authenticity of the song.” The duo continues, “A man who is country pure is always willing to help, he’s there right away, no fooling’ around. When a woman in need comes looking for help, he wouldn’t hesitate, and that connection would become genuine. We really like how that was translated onto screen.

Among the highlights of this video, is the opportunity to watch Javan Johnson play the fiddle. The fiddle is integral to the song, and to watch Javan play is a real pleasure.

(Side note – we would LOVE to see him perform “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”… how can we make that happen ?). 

This music video was filmed in both Delta and Tsawwassen, BC at the Rose and Crown Pub – Tsawwassen’s “only ‘neighbourhod’ pub. Brass Tacks Films (Barney Bentall, Washboard Union) produced the video, helmed by Daniel Keen (Dallas Smith, JoJo Mason), and directed by up-and-comer Jacob Harris. The story was written by Jacob Harris and Son of John’s own Javan Johnson. Vancouver-based actors Tavia Cervi and Aleks Dee play the female and male leads, respectively.

About Son of John

Javan and Johnny P. Johnson are bringing country music back to its roots. Being a father and son team allows them to speak to multi-generational audiences. Listening to their music you can hear inspirations from both traditional and modern country.  The pairing of these two sounds gives their music an unmistakable feeling of nostalgia, while keeping it fresh without sounding dated. The Son of John sound is truly an experience for the ears.

Javan Johnson and John Johnson make up the band Son of John

These two artists from British Columbia are not only prime storytellers, they’re also incredibly talented musicians. Javan is a multi-instrumentalist and was nominated for Fiddle & Mandolin Player of the Year at the 2019 BCCMA Awards. He’s also a talented songwriter, and freelance fiddle/mandolin player for multiple Canadian country artists. Johnny brings his experience and vocal talent as the front man of two ’90’s bands called the nerV, and the BCCMA-nominated Midnight Harvesters. The talent and experience of this duo speaks (and sings) for itself! 

Listen to “Country Pure”

In country music, the Front Porch has long been a place of reflection. A place where you can look at the life you have inside that front door. A place where time almost seems to stand still, where you can get away. It’s also a place where you can go to observe the world as it passes by you. To think about your place out there beyond the driveway.

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