Kalsey Kulyk’s New Self Titled EP is Here!

Kalsey Kulyk's debut self-titled album

Today’s the day! Kalsey Kulyk’s highly anticipated self-titled debut EP is now available. It’s been a wild month for this Canadian country artist, and it has all led to this day.

We had the chance to catch up with Kalsey earlier this month amidst her busy schedule. We talked about her crazy month, her new music, and the industry as a whole. It was a great conversation, which you can check out below.

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Interview with Kalsey Kulyk

Front Porch: First and foremost. CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!! August 2019 goes down as one of the biggest months for both you and Eric. A huge Boots & Hearts weekend for Eric, your birthday, engaged, AND the release of your debut album. Are you just walking on the moon right now?

Kalsey Kulyk: It definitely has been a month of big events, but, I’m a Leo and that’s Leo month so it makes sense that it would be extra ;). I’m definitely really excited about this month and the next ones to come! It’s been an incredible year so far.

FP: In the announcement, Eric said that you are hard to surprise – so, were you surprised?

KK: I am pretty hard to surprise! I pretty much never let anything slip past me but Eric 100% caught me off guard. I was not expecting it at all.

FP: You worked with some pretty heavy-hitters in the industry on this album. What was the writing and recording process like? Do you enjoy being in the studio, or do you prefer to be on the road feeding off the energy of an audience?

KK: When I moved to Nashville I came here with a purpose. I wanted to become a better artist all around. And I wanted to figure out what I wanted to say as an artist and who I wanted to say it for. The writing and recording process was honestly so much fun creatively and emotionally that I can’t wait to get back in the studio to start on the next record! As for playing live, I honestly love them both the same. They’re both forms of expression. I need to write to try and connect with people, but I need to sing the song to the people I’m trying to connect with. One doesn’t go without the other 🙂

country artist Kalsey Kulyk

FP: You have an incredible voice, putting a modern spin on a classic country vibe. Your sound has been compared to classic country icons such as Dolly Parton and Emilou Harris. What is it about the classic country sound that you relate to?

KK: Well thank you! And I think because I grew up on that music and always felt such a connection with the way the story was told. I just really loved it. It hits you right in the heart. It’s truly the best type of therapy out there.

FP: You have a type of slogan/saying that you are always saying on social media “SING AND BE HEARD”. What is the meaning behind this, and where does this come from??

KK: SING AND BE HEARD came about for not only the obvious reason but also because I believe that the listener needs to have their voice heard. Everyone has a story and I want to be able to connect with people on a level that makes them feel like I’ve told their story and they’re not alone. SING AND BE HEARD!!

FP: This past year, artists have been calling on the industry to include more female artists on the radio and festival lineups. On the surface, it feels like we are moving forward in this movement, but there’s clearly more to be done to support female artists. What’s the solution, what would you like to see happen?

KK: You know I have heard a lot about this over the last year and I think the people that are making it known are doing the right thing. They’re speaking up. If anything, this is making women stronger. As a unit because we’re becoming more supportive of one another and we’re also working harder. This whole woman not being heard movement is only going to make our voices louder.

FP: Finally, what are some songs and artists that you are really into right now?

KK: I’ve actually really been into the more pop country side of things! Seaforth is a new pop country duo that have really great songs. So, they’ve been on repeat for the last while! I would definitely give them a listen! 🙂

Listen to Kalsey Kulyk’s Self-Titled Debut EP

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