Vanessa Marie Carter’s Single “Relapsin'” Is The Perfect Relatable Single

vanessa marie carter

Vanessa Marie Carter’s latest single, “Relapsin’” is an upbeat new song with all the staples of a great breakup, make-up, do-we-or-don’t-we-get-back-together, country hit.

We Can’t Get Enough Of “Relapsin’” 

“Relapsin’” is about a girl who can’t stop, or doesn’t want to stop, going back to a guy who calls her at 2 AM – it’s safe to say he’s not looking to wine and dine her. He’s essentially her drug of choice, someone she’s so drawn to she just can’t help herself. 

The beat is catchy and just right for dancing along with your girlfriends. It’s hard to sit still while listening to Vanessa Marie Carter sing that snappy chorus.

“You got me relapsin’, don’t even know what’s happenin’,” she sings, and she sounds like she’s having so much fun that it’s hard to tell if she’s sad about the situation or not. 

Then she sings, “yeah I wanna get high on you,” and you know exactly where she stands. 

This one’s about a girl who isn’t afraid to face her heartbreak head-on and go back to a guy that’s probably not good for her, time and time again. It doesn’t matter though, as long as she’s in for a good time. 

In her new single, Carter flaunts her ability to refuse cigarettes and a night out with friends, which sets you up to think she’s not one to succumb to a vice – oh how wrong that turns out to be. 

The mystery man she sings of has a hold on her, and even after she gets away, she just can’t stop coming back for more. 

This song follows a similar rebellious style that flows through much of Marie Carter’s music. In her song “Bless My Heart”, she sings about her “habit of misbehaving” and how her parents hope that she’ll stay out of trouble. 

“I’ve always been this way, tabasco in my veins,” she sings in Bless My Heart.

The rebel in her strikes again in “Relapsin’”, an apt metaphor for falling back into old habits that she knows are bad for her. 

Vanessa Marie Carter’s Momentum Has Been Building

Vanessa Marie Carter was crowned  Emerging Artist Showcase winner at Boots and Hearts in 2016. 

After that big win, she made her debut with Universal Music Canada, through the release of her single “Bless My Heart”. This track also marked her debut at Canadian country radio.

She took the stage at Boots and Hearts the following year, and was again invited back to play at Burls Creek for the “Endless Summer Series” in 2021.

As an independent artist, she’s released a number of singles since “Bless My Heart” and continues to be a prominent indie-country artist.

She now lives in Nashville, where she’s been working on her craft as a songwriter and artist. We can’t wait to hear more from Vanessa Marie Carter in the coming months!

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Brittany Giliforte
Brittany Giliforte

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