Eric Ethridge reacts to hearing his song on Sirius XM

Eric Ethridge Reacts to Hearing his Music on Sirius XM’s The Highway

Watching an artist’s reaction to hearing their music on the radio never gets old. That’s definitely true with this video that Eric Ethridge posted to social media yesterday.

Buzz Brainard, from SiriusXMs The Highway, featured Eric Ethridge’s new song “If You Met Me First”. When the song came on, Eric was driving his car, pulled over, and captured his reaction. He started to become very emotional, and a little misty eyed. He even had to wipe away a speck of emotion from his eyes. It’s not hard to understand why. Eric has seem some success in Canada, but The Highway on Sirius XM broadcasts across all of North America which means an enormous amount of people were listening to him.

Watch the video he posted here and join us in congratulating Eric on his success!

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