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Introducing Parker Graye And Her Single “Before You Leave”

Our absolutely favourite thing is finding emerging artists that we can share with you all. It’s what motivates us to keep going. We are so excited to introduce you to Vancouver’s Parker Graye.

Before You Leave” is the latest single from this talented artist. This song features Parker’s beautiful vocals and introduces us to her lyrical talents. She tells a beautiful and heartbreaking story.

Stream Parker Graye's single "Before You Leave"

“This song is about the drama and frustrations of being in love with someone who is one foot in, one foot out,” She says. “Over time, the shady behaviour becomes the writing on the wall and you start to realize that the relationship you thought might be forever actually has a shorter timeline.”

When you’re listening to this song, the story comes through strongly. You can almost feel the emotion that Parker is singing about.

It’s a great song and we’re so thrilled to be able to share it with you all. Be sure to stream it on Apple Music and Spotify.

Listen To “Before You Leave” By Parker Graye

About Parker Graye

Rising country artist Parker Graye creates songs that break through listeners with heartbreaking stories and catchy melodies.

Originally from Orillia, Ontario and based in Vancouver, BC, Parker released her debut single “Do Over” on September 15th, 2020 which garnered over 25,000 organic streams on Spotify in the first 5 weeks of her release.

As her debut single continued to gain traction, Parker Graye was named “Next Big Thing” by Casey Clarke and featured on The Casey Clarke Country Countdown.

Prior to her debut release, Parker has been working with songwriters and producers for her own projects as well as other artists. She has co-written 60+ songs with songwriters across Canada and throughout the US.

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