From Teachers to Musicians: Inside the Rise of the Chris Goodwin Band

Chris Goodwin Band

Music has a way of bringing people together and creating incredible journeys, like that of the Chris Goodwin Band, a group of talented musicians who began out of a group of school music teachers (sort of).  Led by Chris Goodwin, this band has gone from singing around campfires to releasing their first single and preparing […]

Runaway Angel Returns with Infectious Summer Anthem “Beach Please”

Runaway Angel "Beach Please" cover image

Canadian country trio Runaway Angel is back with a bang, releasing their highly anticipated single, “Beach Please”.  This energetic and sun-kissed track marks a significant milestone for the trio … it’s their first release since lead singer Cadence Grace’s battle with leukemia.  With a renewed sense of purpose and a bolder emphasis on authenticity, Runaway […]