Amberlea Bruch’s Romantic New Single “Benefits Of You”

Amberlea Bruch "Benefits Of You"

Ontario-based singer-songwriter, and co-founder of The Songbird Series, Amberlea Bruch has a brand new single out today, called “Benefits Of You”.

Co-written with Rich Cloke and Greg Williams, “Benefits Of You” takes the concepts of love, loyalty, and that special someone in a bubbly, 90s-country inspired direction. 

Behind The Inspiration Of “Benefits Of You”

For Bruch, “Benefits Of You” marks the end of her dating era; the finale to sifting through dating experiences wondering when she was going to find the one.

Amberlea says, “I had been through many dating experiences that had me wondering if I’d ever meet someone I could truly be in a healthy relationship with. Suddenly when the world shut down, there he was along with all the things I’d never experienced before – the one you ramble on to late at night, look your best and worst for and it doesn’t matter.” 

Leveraging the feelings around finding her person, Bruch wanted to portray these feelings in a light, romantic, track. She also wants people to listen to it and remember the journey is worth finding unconditional love.

“I wrote this song to remind folks that they deserve unconditional love in a relationship and to stand up for what they want on the journey to find it.”

She says, “I want people to feel excited and energized listening to this song. My hope is that it sparks them to feel good about who they are, and that when you find true love, it is worth the wait and the detours along the way.”

If you’re looking to mix a little love into your daily playlist, you can stream and add “Benefits Of You” now!

More About Amberlea Bruch

Guelph-based Amberlea Bruch’s longtime love of songwriting and performing was inspired early in her childhood. She grew up dancing and singing to broadway, jazz, and pop music. She received a guitar for her sixteenth birthday which inspired her journey to songwriting.

In 2021, she released her first three singles, “Something New”, “I Won’t Fold”, and “Usually”, which will be included along with “Benefits Of You” on her debut EP, slated for release this fall.

Bruch teamed up with fellow Ontario artist, Emily Clair to launch The Songbird Series, which empowers women in music. The duo are hosting a live event with the series in June.

Bruch will also take the stage for Music In The Vineyard Country Festival this summer, with more live show announcements to come!

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