Saskatchewan’s Brayden King Takes American Idol Stage & New Single “Livin’ The Dream”

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Saskatchewan-raised, Alberta-based emerging country artist Brayden King has released his latest single “Livin’ The Dream” on March 24th. 

The single release coincides with King’s announcement of his participation in Season 21 of American Idol. After receiving a yes from each judge: Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, viewers can tune in to see Brayden take the stage in Hollywood to see if he will be the next American Idol.

Brayden King’s New Single “Livin’ The Dream”

With a unique blend of rock n’ roll and country that is captivating audiences across Canada and beyond, Brayden King has us daydreaming about what it’s like to be “Livin’ The Dream”.

King says, “My new song, “Livin’ The Dream,” was truthfully inspired by a hangover.

I woke up one morning, after a series of weekends going out to clubs and realized I was having no fun. It just felt like every night was a repeat of the last – the same kinds of people, being rejected by girls, drinking too much, losing things, and spending way too much money.”

Brayden was inspired to write the song after waking up one morning with a hangover and realizing that he was stuck in a cycle of repetitive nights out, with little to no enjoyment or fulfillment.

“I think this song is unique because musically, it has a very anthemic, positive vibe. It’s an easy sing along. But once you take a deeper look into the lyrics, you find that there’s a darker theme and message there, almost self deprecating. It’s an interesting one, that’s for sure,” says King.

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Get To Know Brayden King

Hailing from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, he has spent the past year touring relentlessly across the Canadian Prairies, building a dedicated fanbase with his dynamic live shows and infectious energy.

Standing at 6’9″, King is a towering figure both literally and figuratively. He brings a larger-than-life energy to every performance, and his distinctive blend of rock and country influences sets him apart from many other artists in the genre.

His music has been compared to a mix of Chris Stapleton, Nickelback, and Ed Sheeran – an unlikely combination that somehow works perfectly together.

Now based in Edmonton, Alberta, King’s talent has not gone unnoticed by the music industry.

With his star on the rise, there’s no telling what the future holds for this talented musician. But one thing is for sure – Brayden King is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music.

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