Alee’s Single “Love Songs” Isn’t Quite What You Would Expect From A Love Song …

Country singer Alee

Alberta raised and Nashville based singer-songwriter Alee released her latest single “Love Songs” on February 10th.

This track was definitely set to come out at a perfect time – a few days before Valentine’s Day. Making sure no one feels alone if they were or are going through a break up.

“Love songs” goes through the process of having a song with your person and knowing it was going to be the song you had your first dance to, but unfortunately having to break up because life leads you both in a different direction.

Whenever you hear that song come on again, you need to change it or turn it off because it reminds you of the memories of what you had with your person.

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When Alee says “some love songs, they ain’t love songs anymore,” it’s nothing short of the truth. The songs that were love songs while in the relationship, in a way, feel as though they’re the furthest thing from love songs and they begin to sting a little bit.

Alee’s vocals on the track are also so encapsulating – they’re soothing and velvety.

It genuinely feels like a warm blanket to help you heal from the heartbreak that you could be going through.

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More About Alee

The Canadian-born, Nashville-based singer has made a clear and rewarding path for herself in the world of Canadian Country. She has earned spots on playlists on Spotify like Viral Top 50, Hot Country, and has been on SiriusXM Canada Country #1’s. Alee has taken home awards for Alberta Country Music Female Artist of the Year and Album of the Year. She has also had nominations for the Canadian Country Music Award for Female Artist and Rising Star.

This amazing artist is one to look out for and should be on all of your playlists. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up on any updates she may have!

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