7 Country Love Songs for Valentine’s Day Lovers

top country love songs

Ahh February … a frigid month people seldom look forward to, except, of course, if you’ve got someone special to keep you warm.

What better way to celebrate love than with a hefty dose of country music?

Whether you’re looking for something to warm your cold toes, cold nose, or cold heart, you’ve come to the right place.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, here are seven songs by some talented Canadian artists to celebrate all things love!

The 7 Top Country Love Songs for Valentine’s Day Lovers

7. “Ask Her to Dance” by Hunter Brothers

A relatable song about new love and that moment in grade school when you’re trying to work up the courage to ask your crush to dance.

6. “Unfinished” by Nicole Rayy

This track toes the line between breakup and love song, but it’s perfect for those who wonder what would have happened if they hadn’t let go of a love and are considering trying again.

5. “Wildflower” by Dean Brody

This underrated ballad about a unique and unexpected love bringing colour to a monochrome life is perfect for slow dancing with your love.

4. “Finish Line” by The Redhill Valleys

Sultry vocals paired with a rock and roll country sound and steamy lyrics, this song is pure come-on (plus, who doesn’t love a little cowbell?)

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3. “Good Kinda Love” by Jojo Mason

This happy track is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Mason captures many of the simple, beautiful parts of love that let you know it’s real love.

2. “Relationship Goals” by Steven Lee Olsen

Upbeat, fun, and filled with relatable pop culture references, this is the perfect song to get you dancing around the room celebrating your love (whether new or old).

1. “Nothin’ I Don’t Love About You” by Jess Moskaluke

A good bop celebrating all those little things you love about your partner set to a fun beat that will get even the most hesitant dancer spinning around the room.

Bonus throwback love song – everyone’s favourite 90s wedding ballad, “I Do” by Paul Brandt

Since seven songs about love just aren’t enough, here’s a playlist of some of our favourite Canadian country love songs to play on repeat this February 14!

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Happy love day, everyone. Even if you don’t have a special someone right now, make sure you take the time to show some love to all the amazing people in your life. 

Lauren Lee
Lauren Lee

Growing up, I was an avid country music hater. Dean Brody won me over in my 20s and my enjoyment of the genre has steadily increased since then, especially after moving to Alberta. I'm a lover of music, explorer of new places, asker of questions, admirer of nature, and socializer extraordinaire.

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