Jade Eagleson And His Wife Talk About Their Love Story And New Single “She Don’t Know”

Jade Eagleson and his wife

What’s better than falling in love?

Falling in love with your person on the set of your own music video!

Jade and Marina Eagleson met on the set of Jade’s first music video, “Got Your Name On It”, which took place on his family’s farm. From there, their relationship bloomed.

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“I just knew that she was this really sweet, and gorgeous person so I just had to test my luck,” Jade told me. Marina said that after meeting, Jade sent her a direct message and she initially thought he was only being polite, but sure enough, they kept talking and Jade asked her out on a date!

Although he lived over two hours from the city, Jade made his way to meet Marina and dedicated that time and distance to her.

When Jade was nominated for various vital awards, Marina’s response was “I’m just always so proud of him.” Marina has always been supportive of Jade’s ventures and knew that he would be able to create a great sound for himself.

With being an incredible musician, the spotlight is always on him and their relationship. This has made their relationship strong from the get go as they were able to establish trust, boundaries, respect and focus on their love with each other more than anything.

Although, Jade left for work in Nashville consistently, he always felt like a part of his heart was always being left behind when he had to leave his family.

Now that they have made the move to Nashville, it’s much easier to go to work and come back to his family without the sense of missing something, Jade said.

After finishing Honkytonk Revival, Jade noticed that they never touched upon a love song, which is why he included “She Don’t Know” on the album. “The lyrics in it are what really hit me because my love language isn’t words, I’m not really great at talking as far as love goes, but I might clean the kitchen and I’ll think that’s romantic, in my mind. So, when I heard this, I just had to sing this one,” said Jade.

Their love story is definitely one for the books and the love they have for one another is noticeable just in the way they look at each other.

Be sure to check out Jade Eagleson on every streaming platform and play “She Don’t Know” to your special someone!

From the Front Porch family, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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