7 Country Breakup Songs For Valentine’s Day Haters

Country Breakup Songs

Is your front porch feeling a little lonely this Valentine’s Day?

Or maybe you just hate Valentine’s Day altogether …

No matter what’s got you feeling blah about this holiday of love, there’s a song to help you through it.

Here’s a playlist of top country breakup songs for anyone who is feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day. Check out these 7 songs about heartbreak by some of our favourite emerging and established Canadian country artists.

Whether you’re looking for something to cry along with or rage-dance to, you’ll find it here!

Best 7 Country Breakup Songs For Anyone Who Hates Valentine’s Day

7. “F-150” – Robyn Ottolini

Beginning with a shuddering breath, Ottolini takes us through the mixed emotions of a breakup. From being fine to feeling guilty to seeing an F-150 and being slammed with all the memories of an ex.

Then ending with the hope of someday seeing a truck and not be overwhelmed with memories and hurt.

This song was a viral hit that helped launch Robyn’s career – poof that sometimes heartbreak leads to big things.

6. “Better Man” – Graham Scott Fleming

Kicking off with a melancholy guitar riff, Graham Scott Fleming laments the fallout from a breakup and croons about using the experience to pick himself up and become a better man (though not before wallowing a bit).

Between the harmonies and the hope-filled lyrics that don’t deny the pain it often takes to become a better version of yourself, this song hits different and is perfect for that moment when the mourning is over and you’re ready to move on with your life.

Listen To Our Conversation With Graham On The Porch

This is the breakout song for Graham. It’s currently charting on the radio, and getting national attention for Fleming. 2022 has already been a big year for him … can’t wait to see what’s next!

5. “I Don’t Wanna Know” – Kira Isabella

Kira Isabella paints a picture of a different kind of heartbreak … the crushing feeling of knowing your S.O. is cheating, but loving them so much that you don’t want to let them go or know what they’ve been up to.

The gut-wrenching lyrics of this track are sure to make you ugly-cry.

We all need a good ugly-cry from time to time.

4. “Count the Ways” – Jade Eagleson

If you’re looking for a tune that says “suck it” to your ex, this is your jam.

Eagleson’s so over his ex.

He can’t even count the ways … singing about going out drinking at a bar his ex didn’t like and getting a girl’s number.

Honourable Mention

While this song might feel more geared towards the fellas, any ladies out there looking for a good tune to yell-sing should check out “Wish I Never Met You” by Carolina East.

3. “Hits Me” – Lindsay Ell  

Lindsay Ell describes the illusion of being happy post-breakup (at least, until it hits her).

This track is a bit more upbeat, which fits the façade of happiness the singer refers to throughout.

She sings that while friendship is a better fit, missing what once was is still part of breaking up – if you’re looking for a good bop to help distract from a split, this one’s for you.

2. “I Hate This” – Tenille Arts

This track by Tenille Arts recounts having to act like you’re no longer together when you’re still in love with your ex.

If you’re stuck in that place between being a couple and being friends … because as we all know, it’s not just a switch you can flip … this song is super relatable.

1. “I Would Be Over Me Too” – Tyler Joe Miller

Tyler Joe Miller mourns the speed with which an ex has moved on, while acknowledging that her new man does all the things he wouldn’t and understanding why she’d move on.

He expresses the regrets of someone who sees the error of his ways but has realized it’s too late to win his love back as he watches her move on with someone else.

It’ll hit you right in the feels

Bonus throwback track: “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing” – Shania Twain

Listen To The Top Country Breakup Songs Playlist On Spotify

Since you’ll definitely need way more songs than this to get over that lost love, here’s a full playlist with even more great breakup songs from some talented Canadian country artists.

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