Grab A Beer And Check Out “6 Pack Town”, Doug Folkins’ Latest Single

Doug Folkins' "Six Pack Town"

“6 Pack Town” is the latest release from singer-songwriter Doug Folkins.

This track comes off the heels of his latest successful single, “I Can’t Blame Her”, which won Best Country Song at the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition.

This song was co-written with Mike Ure and Aidan Johnson-Bujold of Buck Twenty. They also play banjo and sing background harmonies on the track.

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When you first listen to “6 Pack Town”, you’re sure to be transported to the perfect song to celebrate the end of another long work week.

Chatting With Doug Folkins About His New Single

“We wanted to create a fun up-tempo song that would pay tribute to all the blue-collar working towns out there,” says Doug on the motivation behind writing “6 Pack Town”.

Mike came to the writing session with the first line of the song, and they took some time to decide where they wanted to take it. “6 Pack Town” is disguised as a fun drinking song, but it is for those in blue-collar hardworking towns.

Folkins says, “For me, this song pays homage to my hometown where I grew up in rural New Brunswick and the town where I’ve made my home on Vancouver Island.”

They wanted it to remain light and relatable for all listeners, and achieved this by layering in some catchy lyrics and a contagious chorus you can’t help but sing along to.

Reflecting on his excitement around today’s release, Doug says, “It’s a fun jam, it’s up-tempo, and I want people to have a good time.”

We’re excited to add this one to our playlist rotations and add a dose of a good time. 

Doug Folkins on Social Media

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