Carolina East’s Latest Single ‘I Will Love You’ Showcases Her Heartfelt Songwriting

Carolina East cover art for "I Will Love You"

Carolina East is a multi-award nominated Canadian country singer-songwriter based out of St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

Building a ton of momentum through the consistent release of music, Carolina East was a  2021 SiriusXM Top Of The Country semi-finalist, 2022 MusicNL nominee for Fan’s Choice: Entertainer of the Year, Music Video Of The Year, and Solo Artist of the Year, and 2022 East Coast Music Association nominee for Album of the Year and Country Recording of the Year.

She’s also played a number of large venues, including the main stage at Cavendish Beach Music Festival.

Carolina East’s Latest Single “I Will Love You”

The latest single “I Will Love You” is a heartfelt song dedicated to Carolina’s niece. Written back in 2018 with Rob Wells and Shobha Lee, she wanted to give it to her niece as a gift during a difficult time. 

Playing “I Will Love You” live was received beautifully, so she decided to share it with her fans and country music listeners.

A song like “I Will Love You” is one of those beautiful tracks that make you think “I’m glad I have this one to listen to”. Hearing about the things you’re going through come from others can give such a sense of comfort and healing.

More From Carolina East Coming Soon

While celebrating the love around “I Will Love You”, Carolina has also shared she’s ready to release her next single very soo!

The upcoming single, titled “Unlucky,” was actually written back in 2012 with Steven Breen and Chris Kirby. 

“It’s a song about the torment and feelings of what you did wrong in a relationship and the ‘how did we get here’,” says Carolina.

She’s excited for this release. It’s one of many she’s been holding onto, including an entire catalog of tracks written during the pandemic.

Listeners can expect “Unlucky” sometime mid-April.

About Carolina East

Carolina East didn’t have an interest in music until the age of 16 when she started playing cover songs in bars downtown. For 18 years, she played in bars, but knew she needed more or to give up the bar scene entirely. Going back and forth from her day job to gigs, she’d clock 18-hour days. 

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It wasn’t until recently that she started songwriting and working on her own music. She says, “I didn’t think anything I’d write about was what people cared about. I had always journaled and wrote poems.” She was in the studio from 2016 doing session work, but she really kicked off her solo career in 2018.

Carolina East has found love and support from the community in Newfoundland and Labrador. She has great friends, including fellow east-coasters Justin Fancy and Mallory Johnson. There is 

She believes authenticity is what people want to hear in music, and the more authentic you are as a person and musician, the more responsive your audience. This is something she keeps in mind as she writes and decides what to release.

Carolina East had a special moment with her parents when they finally heard her sing for the first time. It changed her perspective on live shows, and she still faces red tape in 2023. Despite the obstacles, Carolina East has had a lot of cool experiences with people and is grateful for the support she’s received in her musical journey.

Stream “I Will Love You”

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