River Town Saints’ Latest Single “Breaking Up” Nails the Complicated Cycle of Love and Heartbreak

"Breaking Up" promo picture By River Town Saints

Have you ever been in a relationship where you’re constantly breaking up but always get back together?

Ottawa-based group River Town Saints released their latest single “Breaking Up” to explain that exact situation.

This song reminds us that sometimes breaking up with someone is difficult because you have such intense feelings for them and can’t fully let them go.

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In this track, the words River Town Saints use paint a vivid image in your mind on how the relationship is going and how they always end up in each other’s arms yet again and how it’s never really like breaking up.

The part of the track that will be stuck in your memory, possibly forever, is “I know your girls will take you out to get you moving on / it might work till closing time but you know I’ll be your last call.”

Whenever anyone goes through a break up, their girls or boys will always try to take them out so they can move forward and try to get over the person they were just with. But sometimes it’s so hard to just get over them, that even when you’re out and trying to forget them for a brief moment, they’re still on your mind and you may end up calling them when the night is over.

If you want your memories to get entangled in this song in the best way possible, make sure to stream it on your favourite platform and to follow River Town Saints on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their latest news.

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Listen To “Breaking Up”

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