Coty Robinson Has Us Noticing the “Bigger Guy” In New Single

Coty Robinson's "Bigger Guy"

The newest single from Coty Robinson, “Bigger Guy”, is out now.

The track follows 2021’s “Waste of a Summer”, where Coty laments spending the summer without the girl of his dreams. It’s an upbeat, catchy tune that you could easily crack a beer open next to the pool listening to.

“Bigger Guy” is a little more of a solemn tune. Coty sings about all the girls who have rejected him because of his size.

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Coty revealed on TikTok that he wrote the song about an experience he had with a now-friend who rejected him for his size. He plays the song for her over the phone to hilarious, wholesome results. That video has over 800,000 views and 50,000 likes!

The track has already gained over 50,000 streams across all major platforms. It’s an incredible accomplishment for someone so new to the scene. “Waste of a Summer” and “Bigger Guy” are Coty’s only professionally recorded tracks, and he’s already making waves. Keep your eyes peeled for Coty’s first album. It’s expected to drop some time this year. Coty’s website says it will “feature songs Coty has co-written about life, love, loyalty, friendship, and small-town living.” It’s quickly becoming one of our most anticipated releases.

About Country Artist Coty Robinson

Self-described as a “big man with a big voice,” Coty is from Dorchester, Ontario. Coty first started performing for an audience when he became an in-house announcer for the local hockey team, the Dorchester Dolphins.

After the loss of his mother at a young age, Coty dove headfirst into music as a way to cope with the pain and heartbreak and to honour her memory.

In 2019, Coty challenged Canadian country star Brett Kissel to a backstage game of beer pong on Twitter. Brett accepted, and Coty emerged victorious.

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Coty was eventually encouraged by some friends to sing an acapella verse for Brett and his band, and they were blown away. Brett and Coty stayed in touch, and Coty eventually got his big break performing at the London show of Kissel’s 2020 Drive-In Tour.

Follow Coty Robinson on his socials:

TikTok: @codyrobinsonmusic
Instagram: @itscotyrobinson
Facebook: Coty Robinson
Twitter: @cotyrobinson77

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