Matt Martin’s New Single Takes Us To “Different Places”

Matt Martin "Different Places"

“Different Places” is the latest single from independent singer-songwriter Matt Martin and it has us all in our feels.

His first release of 2022, “Different Places” showcases evolved vocals and introduces Matt’s new journey as he goes after his dreams with a move to Nashville.

“Different Places” comes from a vulnerable place for Matt.

It was written after his recent breakup and details his process of struggling with the sparks, the pain, and listening to and following his heart.

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When his heart led him to writing “Different Places”, he and co-writers Jason Blaine and Dustin Bird crafted an honest, emotional story that would resonate with anyone who’s been in such a difficult position.

Matt Martin "Different Places" cover art

“In a lot of ways, this song is about new beginnings for me,” Matt said on Facebook … “but I’m grateful for all the people and experiences that have brought me to this place in my life.”

“Different Places” is an inflection point for Matt.

It comes at a time when a lot of things are changing.

He literally moved to a different place, packing up his life in Kitchener and taking it to Nashville. Layering this on top of his recent breakup, “Different Places” reflects on changes in his personal life, and also in his professional life as well.

You may recall when we first chatted with Matt, he was songwriting and leading his digital marketing agency he founded in Kitchener. An entrepreneur at heart, Matt Martin knows how to build a business around what he’s passionate about.

Cue his move to Nashville.

“Different Places” is the first release of 2022 for Matt Martin and hopefully not the last.

Be sure to connect with Matt Martin on Instagram and Facebook.

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